Working with QuickBooks Vendor Records

QuickBooks Vendor Records

QuickBooks vendor records maintains thorough records of your vendors, the individuals or companies which provides products parts, office equipment, supplies to organization which is required to keep business running. QuickBooks vendor records keeps track of all vendor transactions and makes notes of each vendors like, where notes act as reminder to give vendor discount, writing check and making payment to the vendors on the time. All the information are stored in QuickBooks vendor files, once you have built vendor record which can be used in transactions and reports and refer to it in case you need any information. Hence, organization is eased from flipping through card file or folder or digging in drawers for searching information related to vendors.

How to Fill Vendor Details:

When software is used for the first time, as part of set up, you need to enter vendor details in the record templates provided by the software. To create vendor records, one needs to walk through following steps.

Step#1: Click on Vendors menu and select Vendor center. There is toolbar above the tabbed table, open tab New Vendor menu and click on New Vendor, window with complete information about the vendor or supplier need to be filled in.
Step#2: At the top of the screen there is box labeled as “Vendor Name”(name of vendor is to be added) and then move to “Opening Balance” field (amount and date are to be entered).
Step#3: Once complete information’s are supplied, click on left toolbar “Payment setting” tab. There are optional toolbars (Payment terms and Credit limit), which need to filled if details are known in advance. It is better to furnish all the information in beginning so that latter fewer details to be updated.
Step#4: One can also specify in tab “Tax setting” (vendors Tax ID and 1099 eligibility). “Account setting”, you can select default account option when bill or expenses for this vendors are entered. Additional info like Vendor Type (subcontractor) and Custom Fields can be feed.
Step#5: When one has finished furnishing complete details one need to click on tab “OK” to save the data.

How to View Records

Once you have finished in entering the complete vendor details and created one or more vendor records, the option “Vendor Center” will show list of vendors entered on left side of plane. You can view “Vendor Information” by clicking on the highlighted row. Vendor information window displays contact information in the top plane.

When records to be created five tabs in the top toolbars displays, (Vendors Transaction, the Contacts, To Do’s, Notes and Sent Emails) options are available to fill details when the company grows with time.

Our QuickBooks Technical Support Services

In QuickBooks, manual filling of fields in Vendor records and using the information in transaction for immediate decision making is not at all difficult. Importance of written documentation can be realized from the fact that is it is just not possible for person to remember details of every transaction. Keeping notes of each vendor on fingertips along with options of reminder when needed is of great use to every business house using the software.

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