Ways to Use QuickBooks Income Tracker

QuickBooks Income Tracker

QuickBooks offers several techniques to understand the company’s financial situation and Income Tracker is one amongst the most efficient offerings.

A user can get vast amount of valuable data from QuickBooks’ reports. If the user, specifically chooses to personalize the report to isolate the exact information that he/she requires.

A vast variety of reports are generated from the system starting from the common ones like an Invoice which are not yet cleared, to the reports which are comparatively intricate just like the Trial Balance as well as the Profit & Loss.

Though, generic financial reports, including the Trial Balance can be run smoothly in QuickBooks, however, they are pretty tough to grasp and analyze.

Regularly, you should start your day by cutting the chase to get a brief outline of your company’s health, and the income tracker helps you to do just that! The income tracker not only offers the, but it also includes some of the important links associated with interlinked screens where the user can perform the required activities.

Interesting and easy layout

Go to the Income Tracker present in the toolbar to open the tracker’s main screen. If it’s been a while that you are using QuickBooks, then you will automatically see all the company’s data in the columns.

QuickBooks Income Tracker showcases both sum-ups of income sorts as well as the explicit transactions that lead to those totals. Main heads under the tracker are:

Estimates – Shows the estimates that but haven’t changed into sales yet
Sales Orders – Orders that have not been tuned into to invoices yet
Time & Expenses – Hours for customers which are not invoiced
Open Invoices – Invoices which have been sent to the client but payment has not been received yet
Overdue – Open invoices which has crossed the due dates
Paid Last 30 Days – Payments received in last 30 days

Customizing the View

Select any of the bars or the list of transactions to modify the settings as per your requirements. The software lets you showcase a user-defined subclass of transactions as well.

Taking Action

QuickBooks’ Income Tracker offers a fantastic way to get a comprehensive overview of the finances. Also, it acts as a launching space for connected activities. The user just have to select appropriate option under the Action column to take care of the activities associated with the transactions.

Listed above are a few ways to effectively use Income tracker. Income tracker is one of the best features of QuickBooks. It is used widely by the users to understand the financial state of the company better. Plus the program is very easy to use.

However, if you are unable to use the income tracker effectively then do reach out to us by dialing +1-800-961-6588 and we will help you understand the ways to use it better. Also, for anything related to QuickBooks you can call on +1-800-961-6588 at any time of the day or night. We are always there to help you!

In fact, we offer fantastic QuickBooks technical support to help you get rid of any QuickBooks related issue without wasting any time!

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