Procedure to Void and Reissue Check-in QuickBooks?

Void and Reissue Check-in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is designed in such a way that you can carry out various transaction procedure. You can Void and reissue check-in QuickBooks and also can easily reissue checks in case of damaged checks by taking a printout of another check and if you have lost your check then you can create a new one.  The process through which you can accomplish this task is different for both the scenarios. QuickBooks is a versatile software as you can perform several tasks but sometimes you can face QuickBooks error also. Through QuickBooks, you can create, send, void, un-void, and print checks as well as analyze them by using the reporting tools that come with the QuickBooks application.  You can only analyze the checks when the book is opened.

The process to Void and Reissue Check-in QuickBooks

When you want to Void and Reissue Check-in QuickBooks, then you need to follow the new one:

Case I: Creating a new check with the same check number as the previous one

  • From the Create (+) option, click on the check option from Vendor tab.
  • Choose all the customers from the list for whom you want to create the checks. You also have an option to add new customers.
  • Press Enter.
  • Go to the Mailing address and click on the Payment date.
  • Enter the check Number and enter the same number as the previous check that you want to void.
  • Write down the account number for which you want to issue this check. You will also need to add the details about the transaction and the account as well.
  • You also have an option to enter the memo which will be displayed in the check.
  • Click on the type of account for which you are creating a check.
  • Press Save.

Case II: Void the initial check

  • From the left navigation section, browse for the Banking option.
  • Choose the Use Register option to enter the check number that you want to void.
  • Press Void Check option on the screen and press Yes.

These checks that you have void will not be decided from the QuickBooks application but their amount will be nil. In a record, these checks will be categorized as the voided. It is also preferred that you void the check rather than deleting the check altogether as you can also keep a track for the void check. This is how you can Void and Reissue a Check-in QuickBooks.

Case III: Voiding the payroll check after you have reissued it

  • Browse to the Payroll center and click on the Void Paychecks option.
  • According to your business requirement, you need to filter your paychecks. These paychecks have to be filtered according to the amount and date.
  • Press Void tab for the check you want to void.


QuickBooks will treat all the other checks in a similar manner as the Payroll checks. The entire amount will be set as zero and the status will be shown as zero.

Void and Reissue Check-in QuickBooks

By following the above steps you can easily Void and reissue a check in QuickBooks without deleting it. If you have any doubts then you can reach out to the RemoteAccounting247 for assistance. You just have to give a call on their toll-free number +1-800-961-6588 as they provide round the clock helpline assistance. This way you can connect with QuickBooks tech support team. You can also opt for an alternate method known as Live Chat which is available on the website

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