Why Should You Use QuickBooks Multi User License?

QuickBooks Multi User License

A single-user QuickBooks license enables a particular user to use the QuickBooks software on up to 2 diverse workstations. However, if you wish to use QuickBooks on several workstations or if you want several people to have the access of QuickBooks, then you would have to go for the QuickBooks Multi-User License.

If we require two or more QuickBooks licenses, the user can go for a multi-user license as a substitute for buying more single-user licenses. QuickBooks Multi-User License enables a fixed maximum quantity of workers to make use of the QuickBooks at the same time.

A detailed information on the QuickBooks Licenses and Specific Users

However, both single-user, as well as multi-user licenses, are linked with particular users. The QuickBooks accounts are specific for every user, and they are meant to be shared with a big group of people who have to use the QuickBooks software. For example, if there is a group of say 9 people who wish to use QuickBooks. However, not more than 3 people can use the QuickBooks software together, but, in order to run 9 together, the company will have to buy a 10-user license. It is not possible to buy only a 3 user license so that 9 can share it. In simple words, every employee would need a separate and individual QuickBooks account. Also, there is an option to assign the license to a different person as well.

What is a Multi-User QuickBooks account?

One of the major aspects of possessing a QuickBooks software is its multi-user capability. In fact, almost 90% of users are already using the software, and most of them have opted for the QuickBooks Multi-User License.

When you integrate the changes required to convert QuickBooks to a multi-user QuickBooks, mode, put the QuickBooks database right on the shared drive, which can be accessed by all the all people who would be using QuickBooks. The QuickBooks administrator has to activate a multi-user mode via the File menu option. Once activated, set up every user in QuickBooks.

Listed below are the steps to upgrade to multi-user:

  • Insert the correct credentials to log in to the server
  • Just after appropriate authentication, hit the “Start” Menu on the desktop
  • Open the ‘Run’ window to further open “appwiz.cpl”.
  • “Appwiz.cpl” is that constituent of Control Panel that is responsible for Adding/Removing the programs. Therefore, this feature will automatically open the “Add/Remove Programs” window.
  • Just right-click on QuickBooks option, and from the drop-down list click on the ‘Uninstall’ option.
  • Now, click on My Computer/Computer and go the C drive. Now, click on Documents and Settings, All Users, Application Data, and now click on the QuickBooks with the version mentioned.
  • Here, delete all the components of the folder, which was opened to make sure that the installation is done clearly.
  • Now, you would have to install the QuickBooks application with the help of the authenticated license code as well as the product code.
  • Follow all the steps to install QuickBooks software properly.
  • After it is installed successfully, register it with the validation code provided to you.
  • Now, move to help, click on Manage License and click the Sync QuickBooks License Online option.

That’s it; your QuickBooks is now upgraded to the multi-user mode!

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