Why to Upgrade QuickBooks Pro To Premier?

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Are you planning to buy QuickBooks? Or anexisting user of QuickBooks and thinking to upgrade pro to premier? Lots of questions running into your mind then stop getting anxious, it would be better to distinguish QuickBooks Pro Vs Premier and find out which option fulfill your requirements precisely. Don’t take decision in hurry.

With presence of amazing working features Intuit QuickBooks has become the first choice of business owners presented worldwide. But, presence of multiple features and versions make the selection really difficult. However, for small to medium-sized industries, both QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier are ideal options. Still, if you are unable to pick which one suits you the most, consider this amazing evaluation of QuickBooks Pro Vs Premier:

Features of QuickBooks Pro:

This software is mainly designed to streamline your fundamental bookkeeping and customer management procedures. It is Intuit’s one of the oldest and reliable accounting products.

  • Can access 3 users simultaneously
  • Via using its track revenue & expenditures feature, make yourself aware regarding business cash-flow. You can import earlier financial data, download transactions and unify all data at single place.
  • One can track and convert estimations in a single click. Advanced pricing is another great aspect of QuickBooks as you can modify and computerize pricing easily.
  • Inventory management is very important aspect of business and with QuickBooks pro can easily track and adjust inventory conveniently.
  • Run report is an amazing feature as you can combine reports for manifold companies, plan automatic reporting and prepare reliable reports for taxation. However, here you can create 100+ reports.
  • Can easily import contacts from various sources along with digital address book.
  • Smart Search and automated reports facility is recently added.

So, overall QuickBooks pro comes with basic bookkeeping processes. Plus, those who are searching for hassle free, easy and comprehensible desktop bookkeeping system without numerous add-ons, QuickBooks Pro is the ideal accounting solution.

Features of QuickBooks Premier:

QuickBooks Premier comes with all features that Pro provides but availability of some additional working features makes it premier version. To fulfill different business requirements, QuickBooks Premier further categorize into numerous versions which businesses can customize as per their needs. To make the business handling much easier, QB Premier categories into six business concentrations, such as: general business, retail, wholesale & manufacturing, Non-profit, general contracting and professional services. So, features of every concentration may vary from one to another.

Main selling points of QB Premier:

  • Five users can access this software simultaneously.
  • Via using advanced inventory center, can manage inventory activities more profoundly.
  • Track inventory is the amazing feature as you can stay informed regarding the status of inventory products, adjust inventory as well as generate procurement orders comfortably.
  • Availability of Industry specific features resolve various business issues because can manage things according to your industry requirements. Like, track industry detailed report in which can includes sales summary, charities and much more. You can also track productivity by job assignment or product.
  • You can easily make changes in billing rates.
  • Track balance sheet via department and location.
  • You can make a reversing entry.
  • With job casting feature can modify order tracking, observe unbilled stage along with group bill of lading time and expenditure.

Why to Upgrade QuickBooks Pro to Premier?

Now you are aware with the basic features of both QuickBooks versions, but there are certain things which make QuickBooks Premier is more reliable and valuable accounting software, such as:

  • QuickBooks premier comes with amazing features through which one can track product accessibility, look after sales order for consumers and back orders more proficiently.
  • With Premier you’ll enjoy better reporting as you can generate inventory musters and manage bills of materials more securely.
  • Before selling, if you want to price every product differently, QuickBooks Premier has wide options than QB Pro.
  • For an NGO, QuickBooks Premier is definitely a great software because through this can keep track of contributions and exemption reporting easily.
  • The Key benefit of QuickBooks Premier is the Business Customization. You can choose version as per your industry requirements but QuickBooks Pro doesn’t comprise this feature.
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