Transfer QuickBooks Company file Old Computer to New Computer Plan

Transfer QuickBooks company file old computer to new computer Plan

You can easily transfer your QuickBooks Desktop company file from old computer to new/another computer plan. This might be helpful when your system gets crash or if you simply decide to upgrade your computer file to another computer file. In general, moving your company file to a new computer doesn’t affect the QuickBooks Desktop license.

If you’re using QuickBooks Desktop for one user and want to move both your product and business file, view the Migratory Tool section and reinstall or move QuickBooks Desktop to a new computer.

Important note:

  • Prior to moving the files, ensure that you have installed the QuickBooks Desktop on the new system.
  • Rename your business file on your old system to avoid using the incorrect file
  • It is not advised to overwrite an organization file. It is suggested to rename it before restoring a copy because overwriting your company file with the incorrect copy leads to losing your data.
  • Download the latest tax table, if you are using payroll after you move your company file.
  • The files will not be available until you move manually to the right location if you have attached documents.

Steps to transfer QuickBooks company file from old computer to new computer Plan

Step 1: Backup and restore your company files

  • Create a back up of your company file on another computer
  • Copy & paste the backup file to the new computer
  • using an external device or other flash drives; or
  • Through a network, if the systems are connected
  • Restore the backup file on another computer

Step 2: Move the complete QuickBooks data folder

You can move your company file even without having the backup file. Moving the complete folder won’t influence the data, but if some company files are not moved them, you can simply restore them.

  • Classify the file location.
    a. If the company file is open: Press (Ctrl+1) or F2 on your keyboard. Verify the location from the company File Information section.
    b. If the file is stopped: Start the QuickBooks Desktop to see the company file path in the window No Company Open.
  • Direct to the folder.
  • Right-click the folder, and then choose Copy
  • Paste the folder in the external device (hard drive, flash drive, thumb drive, etc.)
  • Plug in the external device to the new system, and then Copy the files in the local drive.
  • Start the QuickBooks Desktop, and then open your company file.

Solution 3: Restore using Intuit Data Protect

Note: Depending on the (IDP) Intuit Data Protect plan (single file or whole computer), some non-QuickBooks company files might not be backed up.

  • Create a back up of the system file on another computer.
  • Sign in to IDP on the new system
  • Restore the company backup file using IDP.

The following files are restored and transferred:

  • Templates and QuickBooks letters
  • Spell checker
  • Rigid Asset Manager
  • Printer setting
  • QuickBooks Statement Writer (Enterprise and Premier Accountant)

Support you can avail from us!

We are positive enough that you are effortlessly able to transfer company file from the old computer to the new computer Plan. If you are still unable to transfer files to a new system, you can directly connect with the QuickBooks experts. They are a certified professional with years of training and experience in the particular field of service.

Furthermore, they guarantee to provide proper solutions and instructions with the required illustration for transferring file. We have made the communication mode easily available for 24×7. Contact us at remoteaccounting247 Toll-Free Number +1-800-961-6588. You can also avail chat support via chat via Live Chat Support.

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