Isabel Grisham

My name is Isabel and I run a family owned grocery Downtown Chicago.  It was previously under the management of Dad who retired two months ago. Since then, I have been left to make all the important decisions. To ease management of inventory and sales, I recently incorporated Sage 50 but realized that I needed … Continue reading “Isabel Grisham”

Simran Jinghan

I have been running a small chemist here in Chicago for the last four years. I began getting a steady flow of customers beginning last year. I had to employ assistants and finally found an importance for an efficient accounting solution. I choose the recently released Sage 50 and have help for such things like … Continue reading “Simran Jinghan”

Sarah Mcgrit – CEO Knowhere

I run an SEO Consulting company that is based here in Chicago. To meet the needs of my clients, I have to employ experts in a range of professions that include copy writing, graphic design, coding, and others that are related to search engine optimization. helps me use the Sage Desktop accounting software to … Continue reading “Sarah Mcgrit – CEO Knowhere”

Jesse McDonald

I recently got a management job here in Chicago and from experience, know that I had to focus on making function efficient if I needed to succeed. I begun by recommending Sage but knew that I had to look for a Chicago based consultant who offers support services for Sage accounting software. I found … Continue reading “Jesse McDonald”