Terms & Conditions

Working as an Independent Assistance Company, RemoteAccounting247.com, house a proficient team of experts who are adept in tackling most of the errors and problems faced by the customer when they are using either QuickBooks or Sage software. We disclaim having any connection whatsoever with either of the mentioned software and further ensure that apart from providing support for the problems faced with them, have no link with any brand, trademark or logo shown on the website. We try our level best to provide top notch third party services for both QuickBooks and Sage along with numerous option for hosting the desktop versions. We ensure that all the clients connecting with us with any problem or to garner extra information about these software are provided with prompt solutions and details that further helps to save time of the user from browsing the web or going through software manuals.

A thorough knowledge of all the services offered by us are listed below:

  • Premium quality support for all versions and editions of QuickBooks as well as Sage software.
  • Prompt assistance for resolving any and all issues faced with the software.
  • Cloud hosting solutions for both Sage and QuickBooks
  • Payroll solutions for customers that have employed either QuickBooks or Sage for their business’ accounts.
  • Customer can also contact us if they require any special kind of services integrated with their software.
  • Outsourcing accounting activities option is also offered to small business and startup units.

To run business effectively and efficiently, managers and entrepreneurs have to accept that some tasks are better of to be performed by someone else as they can bring more to the software who have expertise with it. Although both QuickBooks and Sage is easy to learn but anyone who intends to master it is required to spend time with the software. All our experts have sufficient experience in handling QuickBooks along with Sage software and are well versed with each and every functionality of the software. They are adept in getting almost all kinds of errors resolved within a set period of time without putting customer through any kind of hassle. They are experienced enough to gather resources and provide acceptable cause and reason for any particular issue to occur.

In order to connect with us you are welcome to call on our toll free number provided on Contact Us page. Furthermore, other options to contact us is through live chat support or by raising a support ticket and mailing us your issue. We assure you will be connected with an proficient technical expert from our end as soon as possible. We are available round the clock and thus can cater for customers all day and night round. Irrespective of the time on our end, you can contact our support time whenever it is suitable for you.

SMS Alerts Authorization

By accessing this website, it gives rights to RemoteAccounting247 and its support to send SMS alerts relating to updates, promotions etc.