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QuickBooks software is accounting software designed by Intuit in order to provide all sizes of business with a way to keep their financials and accounts up to date with least amount of manual input. The software is equipped with the ability to use top-notch cloud-based services and real-time financial programs. This customizable software is surely replacing the traditional manual way of recording and tracking sales, stock management, and customer details by being faster and accurate in reporting and calculating end result. This is especially beneficial in the case of Point of Sale (POS) system for which customer care QuickBooks POS Support team is also available.

Initial phases of POS software do cause some issues for the user for which the best possible solution is to call on a technical expert to get the work flow back in order. Some of the most common issues are related to daily backup, printer issues with POS, migration issues with POS, stock report, cloud and barcode issues. Although initially all the problems are quite simple and can be resolved quickly, they do end up becoming complex if left unresolved.

Most common issues with QuickBooks POS are illustrated below

  • Server Issues with QuickBooks POS

    • Getting error message stating “You are not connected to server”
    • Graying of Point of Sale software.
    • The field labeled Select Company Data File is restricting to enter text and showcases a message stating – Fixing the Connection.
  • Installation Errors with QuickBooks POS

    • Mismatch of the software requirements with that of the system.
    • Incorrect Installation of the Software.
  • Cloud Based issues with QuickBooks POS

    • Corrupted System Registry
    • Unable to access as the Internet Connectivity is down.
    • Not able to work under more than one sales rate.
    • Expensive Reporting
    • System Crash on frequent basis.
    • Not informing about low or zero stock in the store.
    • Credit card processing fee is high.
  • Printer Issues with QuickBooks POS

    • Software Issues:
      • In the case printer is set at Default, recheck the settings of the printer and verify it properly.
      • Using software programs that employ USB ports.
      • For temporary time period, switch off the antivirus and spyware applications installed in the system.
    • Hardware Issues:
      • Ensure printer papers in use are 800 mm Thermal papers.
      • Before starting a feed test, make sure the printer is in working condition.
      • Check the plugging of the printer with the monitor and USB port to ensure it is properly plugged in and connected with the computer system.
    • Migration Issues with QuickBooks POS

      • Both side balances are not matching.
      • Issue in copying the company file with that of QuickBooks online software.
      • File is not exported due to its size.
      • System Error of 14008.
      • Connection timed out error while copying the file that results in Error 503.
      • Script stops running
      • Processing error in the desktop file of Mac system.
      • Error message stating “Fail Server returned error 500”.

In case you are encountering any of the above issues, it is best to get connected with the customer care team of support for QuickBooks POS or Intuit team of support. However, you can also get in touch with alternative POS support agency named via Toll Free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-800-961-6588.

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