How to Solve The Sage Job Costing Hangs or Close Issue on The Splash Window?

Solve Sage Job Costing Hangs

To open your Sage Job Costing application, when you double-click it or you choose a Sage company from the list present then you see the splash screen getting displayed on your computer screen. This window closes after a few seconds. After, this process, you won’t be able to open your software. You encounter this issue mostly when you don’t have access to read and write access to your Sage Job Costing data folder or your company database file may be corrupted.


You can come across this Sage Job Costing issues in two cases that are mentioned below:

  • At the time of new installation or when this issue occurs only on a limited set of computer systems

You can resolve this issue from the server. You can easily share a folder and then apply for the permissions. Firstly, you need to have access to all your data on your server and make sure that your Sage application can easily read your data. You can easily setup permission to share your data by following the steps below:

Note: To select your operating system press Windows key from your keyboard along with R, then type winver and press OK.

Windows 10/8: The file sharing option in Windows XP will be changed into the Sharing Wizard Option in Windows 8 and Windows 10. This makes the sharing of the folders extremely easy.

  1. Activate the Sharing Wizard
  2. Share a folder
  3. Security tab
  • When your Sage Job Costing was previously opening normally and this occurs in all the systems

To resolve this issue, you need to use repair and compact the Sage Job Costing database to free up the disk space. If can also be used to resolve the damage in Sage Job Costing database.

  1. Click on Help and then go to Sage Job Costing.
  2. Click on the System Information tab and then go to directories.
  3. Choose the note the Data path and click on OK.
  4. Close the Sage Job Costing application.
  5. Click on the Start menu and click on Search Programs and files box.
  6. In the search field, type odbcad32 and press Enter.
  7. Go to the System DSN tab and then click on JobCostingv5.
  8. Select the Configure option.
  9. Click on Repair, and then browse for the JobCosting.mdb file.
  10. Click on JobCosting.mdb and Click on OK option.
  11. Click on OK again.
  12. Go to Compact and then choose the JobCosting.mdb.
  13. Press OK.
  14. Click on Version 4.x option, and then click on OK.
  15. Press Yes, then OK.
  16. Click on OK > OK > and then close all the administrative tools.


By following the steps mentioned above, then you can easily resolve this Sage Job Costing issue. If you need some assistance in doing so, then you can contact the “RemoteAccounting247” for assistance. To reach out to them, you just have to give a call on their 24*7 Sage customer support number  +1-800-961-6588.


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