Self-Employed QuickBooks Accounting Edition

QuickBooks Accounting Edition

Self-Employed QuickBooks Accounting edition is an easy to use, low-cost small commercial accounting solution. This accounting tool is conceptualized majorly for home-based workers, freelancers, contractors etc. it is a very smartly designed software which helps these people to nicely streamline their accounting functions. The software is not at all complicated, and only contains limited features required by the self-employed individuals.

QuickBooks Self-Employed solution enables you to keep a track of your financial accounts, transactions, invoices etc. It helps you to easily develop and send invoices, as well as analyze taxes as well.

The user interface of the software is very new. It has a plenty of cutting-edge features including reports, accountant access, and some latest billing and invoicing attributes as well. The software is pretty different from the one which is designed for bigger companies, but it has all the required features to simplify the accounts management process of the self-employed individuals.

It doesn’t provide true double-entry accounting like some of the other accounting solutions, but QuickBooks accounting software consists of a highly remarkable companion app. The app is built to serve a plenty of the nowadays mobile micro-businesses. QuickBooks Self-Employed contains an effortlessly comprehensible navigation system and provides an excellent user experience. It supports various platforms like Mac, Windows, Android, iOS etc. The interface is perfect to be used on mobile as well as on the desktop.

System Requirements

QuickBooks Self-Employed, as a cloud-based solution, is nicely compatible with nearly any workstation that has a working internet connection, except Linux. The best part about this solutions is its mobile app, which is compatible with Androids (4.4+) as well as iPhones, iPads (iOS 9+).

Key features of the accounting software

QuickBooks Self-Employed has a few booking features, and it is basically a tax software.

Create and Send Invoices

QuickBooks Self-Employed offers very useful yet common invoicing features. You have the option to develop the invoice based on the item, hour, or with a flat rate. Though it doesn’t have any inventory it will enable you to re-look your old invoices.

The UI is absolutely amazing

The dashboard of the QuickBooks solutions is very nicely designed. It consists of six charts to offer you a real-time view of the company’s financial position. However, there are many tabs available to easily navigate to other eminent features.

The much-needed Tax Support

The biggest and most useful feature of the QuickBooks Self-Employed version is the tax support. The software uses your income as well as expenses details to tally how much you have to pay in projected taxes every quarter. It provides the yearly taxes estimation as well.

Special clients’ portal

The availability of a client portal makes it easy for the user to pay invoices straightaway, without any trouble.

This was about the QuickBooks Self-Employed edition. If you are already using QuickBooks, and are facing any technical issues then please feel free to call our highly talented team of QuickBooks technical support by dialing +1-800-961-6588. Don’t worry about the timings, as we are available 24 by 7.

We would love to help you understand the software better!

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