Sage Unposted Invoices

Sage Unposted Invoices

There are still some Sage users using Sage 50 Professional 2012 version. They have quite a large number of sage unposted Invoices which have not been posted yet but still working in the sales invoices list. They stored them as invoices, but for the genuine sales entered the figures by themselves as invoice batches.

While working in Sage software, a warning message occurs for missing nominal codes or other bits of information every time the user opens as ‘Check data’ since the actual sales figures were in the accounts previously deleted and all the deleted ‘un-posted invoices’ associated to old years. Therefore, if you want to get back the old records and be able to use them according to need, follow the given steps. We assure to resolve any of your sage associated issue.

Causes of Sage Unposted Invoices

Most of the users have an inquisition that you can make use to quickly view unposted transactions in the fresh folder. In adding up, posting in each program will be posted unposted files as well as show causes for rejections.

Resolution steps of Sage Unposted invoices

Solution I: Re-deleted the unposted invoices

The finest way to generate an archive is to make use of the sage archive element. In V2012 you will not have a choice to generate midyear records; however, you can do it yourself as following these steps:

  • Make sure you have a Backup your data
  • Fill up the dialogue box year-end tick the box to generate and store file and  name as Mid Year record, 2017MID
  • Once the archive is created, you can either use task manager to shut down sage or go through the remaining procedure or 4/ repair your backup
  • Go to File > Open > click Company Archive > already saved archives appears that you desire to delete the sage unposted Invoices
  • Then Go to Settings > click Product Defaults > and then Details
  • Go to Settings >click Order Defaults and Invoice > and then Footer Defaults


Solution II: Check whether you have unposted transactions

  • Accounts Payable: Invoice Inquires, Inquiry, Invoices by Batch, click invoice within the Source File list, choose New for the Invoice File choice.
  • Accounts Receivable: Entries, Entries, Inquiry, by Transaction or Batch, choose New for the Transaction file option and Active as the Contract File choice
  • Billing: Invoices, All Invoices, Inquiry, choose Unbilled and press OK and click Active and press OK
  • Contracts: Other, Unposted Transactions, Inquiry, choose Active and press OK, and click Active and press OK
  • General Ledger: Entries, Entries, Inquiry by Batch, choose Newand press OK
  • Job Cost: Entries, Entries, Inquiry by Batch or All Entries, choose New file and Press OK
  • Payroll: Check Information, Inquiry, Check Activity and choose New file and Press OK


Hope you are able to solve the sage unposted Invoices and how to delete an invoice on sage 50 by following the above-given resolution step but if the error proceeds then, you should immediately get in contact with our Customer care specialist team via diverse communication channels and our team will support you in solving the Sage issue.

They are skilled in the area of concern with years of experience and guidance.  Contact with our Technical expert Team by calling at our Sage Support number ✆+1-800-961-6588 or connect with us via Live Chat Support directly from our website and they will instantly connect with you with all support, elucidation, and information you need to resolve the issue.


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