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Sage Time and Attendance is a comprehensive solution which will help you in saving your time and manual labor of entering the data in spreadsheet. As time is very important and is rightly said time is money so without wasting extra which can be utilized somewhere else in making strategies for your business.

As employees are the basic foundation and future of tomorrow and you need to maintain the track for their time and attendance that every dollar you spent on them is actually worth it. It is a software which automatically tracks your time and attendance. It is a platform which helps HR and payroll professionals in improving their payroll accuracy, controlling their cash flow and becoming more efficient. The employee time will be recorded mechanically and the software will store the sick leave, vacation and paid time off (PTO), of each employee per year and provide the HR and payroll professional with such effective tools that will eventually monitor and provide assistance in payroll.

The Sage Time & Attendance software ensures compliance with labor regulations providing proof of attendance, wage of employee and hour regulation along with the ACA. It also includes other important factors like labor cost, overtime cost, etc. It automatically transfers the employment, time, and wage data per employee with the help of this software effectively and efficiently. The basic workforce management integration provides security for the sharing and transferring of data from one part of the organization to another without manual work and accurately.

Benefits of Sage Time & Attendance Software:

Here are some benefits of Sage Time and Attendance:

Integrated with Payroll: It manages manager and employee time self-service by eliminating traditional time clock. It is often delivered as a cloud solution which can be easily integrated with Sage HR and Payroll Solutions. It can also provide you with extra time as it can automatically process importing and validating your data from any data source.

Boost in productivity and risk reduction: With this software, working employees and their managers can easily login into the software. They can easily manage their time and save a lot of time by eradicating the burden of manual operation.

Working on attendance and labor data: It is completely web-based software that can be accessed anytime which eradicated the manual operations and minimize compliance risk, save time and money.

Increased Efficiency: It has an inbuilt ability to dramatically reduce the time required to perform a routine task. You do not need to enter the data of employees manually but it will be automatically entered into the spreadsheet accurately.

Sage Time & Attendance software is integrated with some enhanced features which will save a lot of time as well as help you with accurate, faster payroll processing for minimal cost and risk. As it is said that “Time is of Essence”, so download and install it in your system. If you have any query regarding this software then you will have to contact RemoteAccounting247 which is a third party Sage support consultant. You can connect with them by dialing Sage support number +1-800-961-6588 or visiting their website and requesting for online chat support. They provide 24*7 services, so you can connect with them at any point in time.

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