Sage System Error

The Sage System error usually occurs due to loss of network segment. This error can arise with different error codes: 3004, 3006, 3008, 3010, 3014, 3020, 3032, 3108, 3110, 3111, and 112. You can find measure and steps in the following to counter this issue.

Sage System Error can be caused due to:

  • Loss in the network connection between server and workstation while working in Sage.
  • Network time-out occurs when the workstation/server is waiting for response from the host or server computer.

How to resolve Sage Unrecoverable error

When you encounter with Sage unrecoverable error, you can attempt the steps given below to resolve it.


Option 1: Restart Pervasive from Task Manager

  • First check Sage 50 is closed on every computer.
  • Point your mouse towards the task-bar and right click on it and select the Task Manager.
  • Next, open to Details tab and search for the “w3dbsmgr.exe”
  • Click on it and press on the end task option to stop the process.
  • Now, open to Services tab again and choose sort by name. Next, search for psqlWGE.
  • When you find it, right click on it and choose Start.

Option 2: Restart Pervasive from Services menu (for Windows 7, 8 or 10)

  • Press on the Windows+R keys
  • Next, enter SERVICES.MSC on the blank space and click on the OK button
  • Right-click on the Sage Smart-Posting [edition] and choose Stop (only for Quantum users)
  • Right-click on the Pervasive_PSQL_Workgroup_Engine and choose Stop
  • Right-click on the Sage 50 Smart-Posting [edition] and choose Start (only for Quantum users)
  • Right-click on the Pervasive_PSQL_Workgroup_Engine and choose Start


After you have performed the above steps, restart your Sage software and re-attempt the action.

  • In case the error stills occur, restart workstation.
  • In case the error still persists, restart server.
  • If there was connection loss while accessing a file, most likely the file is corrupted/damaged. You should fix the damage as soon as possible. Follow the next section to do so.


  • In case the error indicates a file in the data path. Rename the mentioned file and run Repair on your Sage program.
  • If the error indicates a file in company data directory. You may delete the mentioned file.
  • If the mentioned file cannot be deleted but can log in to the company. Then reindex the mentioned file.
  • Restore a good backup if you cannot reindex or delete the mentioned file.

Need more help?

If your error still tends to occur even after performing the given steps, then you should contact our professionals at RemoteAccounting247 and allow them to assist you to fix your error. Simply give us a call on +1 (800) 961-6588, email at, or chat with us via Live Chat Support. The professionals are well trained and have years of experience in dealing with any Sage issues & errors.