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Sage Business Management Software

Sage Pro is award-winning accounting software with full source-code availability for maximum flexibility and growth for. It’s full of business management solutions prescribed for small business applications.

Sage Pro solutions

Sage pro prides themselves for providing dependable as well as cost-effective accounting solutions. They’ve been providing their services for 2 decades now, providing only quality work with a panel of accounting experts for your business needs.

Real Time Business Info

The software provides real time information on your business such as statistics, business reports and real time financial measurements in the convenience of your home through portals such as Desktops and its own Mobile Application. You could even see your own projected sales on Sage pro.

Sage Pro Tech Support

With real time information relay on your business, you could expect that Sage Pro is always ready to answer any questions you may have and give you consultations about your business needs. Their Sage technical support team is always online for any problem you may have. You have the power to give them your feedback and get their expert advice through the help of their accounting experts for any business needs.

Quick Work Flow

The software also notifies you about some key information about your business. It’s like having a personal Secretary/Accountant! It automatically searches for critical events that are defined by you, after which it takes appropriate action based on the information you gave.

Functionality Modules

General Ledger– gives you advance general ledger & financial reporting capabilities about your business.
Accounts Payable– create checks, tracks discounts, tracks credits as well as partial payments, and recurring obligations. It even warns you against incurring losses in your business!
• Accounts Receivables– is a complete billing & accounts receivable system which has an extensive sales analysis reports.
• Payroll- it can calculate, maintain payroll and distribute labour for your hourly payed employees in an easy to use graphical Windows system.
• Report Writer– unlocks data in your Sage Pro E.R.P accounting system. It’s a powerful yet flexible module that creates custom queries and reports it to you.

Sage Pro Support software provides you with superb Sage accounting services for your business. With world class technical support, it’s no wonder it’s an award winning software. You can customize it indefinitely for your business needs. It’s easy to use and with it, you can be confident that your business would flourish with the information, advice and feedback that their experts give you.

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