SAGE Premier Support

One of the wings of Sage 50 Support is Sage Premier which is a solution to large and corporate companies for safe and secure payroll coupled with Human Resource Management Solution. It provides you the ultimate solution to create the best package for Human Resource and payroll. Apart from this special benefit, it also ensures that a detailed description of pay slip is generated that gives complete satisfaction to the employees. That sounds like a great software solution, doesn’t it?

One can’t say No to Sage Premier for the features that are just too tempting.

•    It is quite user friendly ensuring you add employees, generate pay slips and get history of the last pay slips in just a few clicks. In short it has simple usability
•    With sage Premier, you can configure each employee data to several components and still process payments with no fuss or complexity. It enhances easy pay slip processing
•    Even if you grow with branches in your companies and you have number of sub companies under one roof, you can simply add employees of different sub companies. It promises integration with ease
•    It has been integrated with HRM and ensuring more work
•    You will be enabled to create reports from several sources. The reports will be of high accuracy and relevance
•    To ensure that you are compliant with the latest law, there are templates so you can generate report and remain on top of compliance

Integration at its Best

Sage Premier and HRM come together to give the best for your companies, by giving the benefits like no other software.
•    It promises to incorporated endless employees within the multiple companies
•   Customized tools available for the best report generation so that there is no opportunity of any flaw to remain hundred percent compliant
•    A streamlined HR approach is maintained to support a systematic working methodology
•    Paperless report make it easy for the company to stay safe and secured with clients and customer data
•    Round the clock telephone assistance as well as email support
•    It is an apt software for any type of industries and businesses

Once an employer gets accustomed to the tool, no other temptation can lure him or her as it is universal in approach and usability. How can one not be content with this wonderful and multi-dimensional software that gives so much in so less?

There are very less chances that you encounter issues with this premium software. Human error can’t be ignored though. Sometimes, owing to incorrect installation of the software, or any improper update, upgrade and also for compatibility issue, there are possibilities that issues might crop in with this absolute ace tool. But the best part is that you have all possible assistance so you can chop off the hurdle and get it up and running.

Supports available

When talking about the assistance, you have the following that can be of great relief-

Phone Support: You have the toll free number which you can dial and talk to the support member directly and be stress-free. The best part is you pay nothing.

Download and Updates: Make sure you are up to date with your system need as keeping software updated in it is winning half the battle.

Knowledge Centre: There is a knowledge Centre known as the Knowledge base which helps you find all answers to your queries.

Live Chat: What can be better than interacting with someone live and maintaining the human touch?

Online Community: There is an online community called Sage City in order for you to get issues resolved without looking for any other solution but this.

The sage premier support team has been known for walking that extra mile to bring the smile on your face and ensuring that customers maintain loyalty forever. You will never be disappointed with both the facilities that the software provides and the post-sale service of the tool.

Connect with today! Dial the toll free Sage Customer Support Number 1(844)-857-4846” and get a wonderful Sage support experience.