Sage Not Able To Run Payroll After the Recent Update

Sage Not Able To Run Payroll After Recent Update

While installing the sage 50 payroll updates, there are likely chances of getting an error message “There is a problem upgrading the database. Please contact the technical support”. If the user tries to click OK and proceeds with the login, the software persistently closes and crash.

Error Description

  • Payroll reports will not run
  • An error message is displayed while opening a calculated payroll report
  • Payroll did not figure any taxes
  • After an upgrade, the payroll formulas are either grayed out or missing
  • Processing or entering payroll prompts an error message

Why this issue occurs:

There can be several reasons for Sage Not able to run payroll after the recent update. When the sage 50 payroll fails to upgrade the database, there are likely chances that this error may occur.

Here are some of the common reasons for Sage Not able to run payroll after the recent update.

  • A failed upgrade session earlier can lead to subsequent error once more
  • The data corruption issue cannot be out ruled out
  • When the user is trying to open the software from the old shortcut pinned in the taskbar after an update is already installed
  • When the user moves to using the latest version of windows operating system like windows 10 but they haven’t set sage 50 to run as an administrator. This may be the reason for the error
  • When there is an upgrade of sage 50 being attempted to be installed on a particular network while another user is logged into the system with an older version sage 50 then a clash may occur between different versions of the software.

Before attempting to troubleshoot the “Sage not able to run payroll after the recent update” error, the user must try to run the payroll.exe file and if the payroll files still don’t open normally then the following steps below should be attempted.


Resolution 1: Upgrading & Installing the latest version of Sage 50

While upgrading to the latest supported version of Sage 50, once the product gets obsolete, add-ons including the payroll automatically get disabled. This happens when the subscription gets expired or the payroll add-on is not purchased. Although the users may be able to access payroll screen without a plan and enter data manually; a formal Payroll add-on is required to be purchased.

To upgrade the plan and get the payroll add-on, users can contact Remoteaccounting Sage experts team at +1 (800) 961-6588. We will help get the payroll update and help install the latest payroll upgrade to your Sage 50 package.

Resolution 2: User Account Control (UAC) may be blocking Sage 50

  • Run payroll as an Administrator and Disable UAC
  • Now check if the payroll and tax calculation reports and forms work properly

Resolution 3: Optimize the data version to 22.04 and then try to use the software
Resolution 4: Get all users logged out from all the device and run as administrator and repair the database of the software after you have cleared the locks

Resolution 5: Try renaming the payroll.mbd file

The above steps are comprehensive and are likely to resolve the issue of “Sage Not able to run payroll after the recent update”.

However, if you are unable to resolve it despite trying the series of steps above, then you can contact the Sage experts team of Remoteaccounting247.

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