Sage Not Able To Get the New Tax Tables

Sage Not Able To Get New Tax Tablesq

Error Description: User maintained tax tables are missing

Error Display: “A Managed exception was caught when trying to access User Maintained tax tables.

Causes of Error:

  • The taxtable.dat file stored in the company directory is damaged
  • This most often results from tax update not getting installed properly


Before attempting to run any tax update, close all User Account Controls (UAC) on all computers that are using tax update

Step 1: Restoring Backup To New Company

  • Make sure you are logged into the company
  • To take a backup – click backup option from the toolbar
  • Enter the file name you want to backup > OK to start back up

Restore backup to new company

  1. Make note of old directory location by going to Maintain > Company information
  2. Note the Location and Close Sage 50
  3. Browse to the directory you’ve just noted the location for
  4. Right click on TAXTABLE.DAT file and rename it as TAXTABLE.OLD.
  5. Again open sage 50 and restore the backup to the new company
  6. Browse to the new company and copy TAXTABLE.DAT
  7. Browse to the original company and paste TAXTABLE.DAT into the original company folder
  8. Now open sage 50 and verify the user maintained table and check if you can run the payroll

Change the backup to a zip file

  1. Select Maintain > Company Information > note the location in the Directory > click OK & close Sage 50 on computers
  2. Browse to company data folder > Right-click TAXTABLE.DAT file > Copy > go to Desktop > Paste > change extension from .PTB to.ZIP
  3. Now Right-click TAXTABLE.DAT file in the extracted directory > click Copy > browse to the company data folder > Paste TAXTABLE.DAT file
  4. Verify if you are able to successfully access all the Payroll Formulas and generate paychecks without errors

Note: Always create a backup of your data before attempting any advanced solution and if necessary take help of a qualified sage support specialist to resolve the query.

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