Sage Mobile Payments

Sage Mobile Payments

Sage Pay is the major autonomous payment service provider (PSP) in Europe which is one of the most trustworthy payment-brands. Sage Pay is a part of The Sage Group, which is an FTSE 1000-listed world-wide accounting software organization. Every year, Sage processes more than 4 billion payments in a secure manner via the internet, either via phone or via card-machines. More than 50,000 businesses all across Europe depend on Sage to operate card payments in a reliable and dependable manner and help prevent fallacious transactions. Sage Pay makes sure that the payment process is secure and uncomplicated for the user. And now, with the advent of the smart-phones, androids, and I-Phones, Sage has introduced Sage Mobile Payments. Gateways for mobile payment are those services which process credit, debit, and other payments in kind, done online.

Such means of payments enable those transactions by transference of important data between internet-connected mobile phones, for example; smartphones and tablets, along with the banks. The aforesaid services play an important function in the process of a transaction by permitting payment between customer and merchant.

In the present times, even the tiniest of firms and organizations can harvest the advantages of receiving payments in any form or anywhere. All you need is a data connection.

Advantages of Sage Mobile Payments

Sage’s diversified payment options for your mobile which enables the user to make payments for the goods & services easy-peasy. The user can now evaluate card payments anywhere and everywhere on the mobile phone which has an internet connection.

Limitless Volume

Sage Payments allows the users to enjoy straight-out monthly credit card based volume of transaction.

Improve the Cash Flow

Helps the users get a speedy settlement to the user’s favored bank account within 48 hours of every transaction made—which improve cash flow. Furthermore, it permits the user to accept more than mere retail or speedy payments.

Payments for Installment

Now the user is capable of acquiring donations which are non-profit making in nature, as well as commercial installments, deposits along with final balances as the work advances or is complete.

Errors Pertaining to the Usage of Sage Mobile Payments

Errors hinder the proper usage of Sage Mobile Payments facilities, some of the Errors are given below:

I. Error: Unable to Process: While the user seems to attempt to process a particular transaction on his/ her mobile phone, he/she receives the “unable to process” error.

II. Error: GPS Turned Off when processing in Sage Mobile Payments: While processing a particular transaction, the user receives an error stating, “GPS Turned Off when processing in Sage Mobile Payments” in case the GPS is turned off.

In case such errors are preventing you from properly making use of the payments online via a mobile device, for which you’ll need professional aid. What do you do? Don’t panic! Contact us either by emailing us or chatting with us online or even by calling on our Sage 50 support number of +1-800-961-6588. Do not forget to visit if you require more info on Sage Mobile Payments facilities and options.

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