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Sage Micropay

Sage Micropay is most innovative and powerful Human Resource management and payroll management for all size business. It is mainly developed in Australia with payroll requirements and designed to address the HR management. It is now become a unique to Australian employment legislation and conditions.

What is the ROS Online Registration Service?

ROS enables the user to view own, or their clients, current tax positions with the service.

They can:

• View their tax position for multiple levies and taxes.
• File forms and tax returns
• The user can manage payments for these taxes online in a different of ways.
• Communicate Securely with Revenue.

Who can apply to become a ROS customer?

Entity or any individual with an Irish tax registration number which has been already registered for a business Tax, vat, income tax, OR employee PAYE. Before performing all these activity the user needs to register for LPT or PAYE.

With a valid Receiver number of LPT Receivers

What they need to use the service?

The user will need the following information to use the service:

• Their TAIN or tax registration or Receiver Number.
• The user mobile phone Number
• The user email address.

How the user can register for ROS?

• The user can take access link for register for ROS online.
• They apply for a ROS Access Number (RAN)
• The user can apply for ROS digital certificate.
• Retrieve their ROS digital certificate.

For more detail the user can contact us on The user can call us on Sage toll free number  +1-800-961-6588. We have an experience and proficient team for their assistance. We will try to give an instant response for your issue and error. We are also available for you on Sage chat support team and Email support. The user can chat with us on our chat window. They need to login on chat window to make chatting with us.


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