Sage Micropay- Guide to Setting Up Pay Period

Sage Micropay

Sage Micropay is directly incorporated with payroll, services solutions to Australian and human capital management software. It was owned by the Sage Group. It is a sophisticated and user-friendly software which is mainly designed for small and medium-size business. It has numerous feature for its users such as Pay path files, formula-based deductions, and payments.

Within the document, they will find instructions for amending existing pay periods week 53 and creating new pay periods. The user used the 2015/2016 tax year.

Creating new pay periods

Two ways of creating new pay periods

  • The pay periods upload
  1. Payroll Code: In pension portal set as the code.
  2. Pay Period: It is the tax week/month for the pay period.
  3. Pay Year: The user can pay period related to entering the starting year of the tax year in this field.
  4. Processing Date: There is a processing date for any given pay period.
  5. Pay Date: This means that the user is paid.
  6. Company Code: It is company code which is provided by now Pensions.
  7. Payroll Type: It indicates the payroll frequency.
  8. Processed: The user needs to enter no in each cell.
  • Create the pay periods manually: The user needs to select Reference Date. It is located on the left side of the home page. With the payroll section, the user needs to select open for the payroll.
  1. Pay Period: It is the month or tax week.
  2. Processing date: It is the last day they would expect to upload the file to us.
  3. Pay Period starts a day: It is the pay period commenced.
  4. Processed Date and Processed: The user needs to ignore processes date and processes.
  5. Pay Date: On this day the user needs to pay.
  6. Full Payroll Details need to ignore.
  7. Pay Year: Enable us to identify which tax year.

The user can call us on our for any support. The user needs to call on Sage Toll free number 1-800-961-6588, and it is available on 24*7. We have a team to handle your all queries. We are also available on the chat window; the user can chat with us anytime anywhere. Sage technical support assures to give satisfactory resolution to your query.


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