Sage International Payments

Sage International Payments

The Sage International Payments is an add-on which permits the user allows to pay his/her foreign currency bills straightaway via the accounting software. Moreover, in order to save time, the user using the aforesaid add-on can also get the user a finer exchange rate(s) and lower fees for transfer than the bank. It is just the best add-on for users of Sage Payments to deal with the global/international payment options and why over 35,000 institutions on a global basis by using Sage International Payments.

How it works?

Following are the steps to elaborate how Sage International Payments works:


It takes about 2 minutes and a sign-up which is free of cost to register. below for Sage International Payments.

The Multiple Currency Payment

As soon as you’ve signed up, download Sage International Payments in as early as seconds. Moreover, it enables a lot of time to be saved.


The Payments are automatically recorded in the bank account present in Sage Accounting Software and also recorded to the suitable General Ledger. The amount that the user’s Currency Loss/Gain is also recorded automatically. This enables the user to save clients’ time and avoid the error of a double entry processing.

View live payment status/history

Booked Payment status on the real-time can also be tracked which enables the user to see which payments are booked and which payments have already been received. Payments are made in a much faster way than by using the bank which is to say, same day or next day.

Advantages of Sage International Payments

1. Registration is free.
2. Transfermate allows the user to gain knowledge of the exchange rate and the amount that is payable in sterling.
3. Using Sage International Payments, the transactions are conducted by different means, either online or by fax or by phone or even by live chat.
4. Using Sage International Payments, you can easily transfer funds to the Transfermate client’s account and when once received, the funds are transferred to the beneficiary.
5. Beneficiaries are automatically emailed and are forewarned of the imminence of their payment.
6. Online log-in in order that they may view the status of their transaction.
7. Payments made is safe since only the IP address of the user is used.
8. Uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption of 128 bit
9. Real-time exchange rate table is visible which is indicative rates that are updated in every 10 seconds.


Errors Hindering Usage of Sage International Payments

Errors block/hinder the proper using of Sage International Payments add-on, it is as found below:

Error: Sorry, the service is unavailable.

Description: Please connect the business person immediately to pay your invoice.


A client who has received emails of an invoice from the Sage 50 with an advice in lieu of paying the invoice online, but the e-Invoice work has not been organized in the Payment Centre.


1. Go to ‘Services’. Then Click on ‘Credit Card Processing’. Next, Click on Account Info and finally, Enter ‘Merchant ID’ and ‘Merchant Key’- Activate Card Processing Account.
2. From the user’s Sage 50, he/she should click on ‘Payment Center’
3. Next log-in to the ‘Payment Center’ using user’s Sage Exchange log-in credentials
4. Configure plug-in of Sage 50 R17 to acquire electronic Invoice
5. Once the setup is over, the user can re-send the invoice via Sage 50. The customer will finally be able to do away with the payment-link from the new email facility.

In all such errors which burden you with hindrance to your international transactions thereby leading you to panic, what do you do? Nothing much! Give us a call on our sage support number  +1-800-961-6588 or chat with us online or even mail us. For more information on Sage International Payments, or the errors bothering you with proper use of Sage International Payments, visit

Sage Support Number

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