Sage Instant Payroll- Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

Sage Instant Payroll Statutory Sick Pay

Sage Instant Payroll is very helpful to pay the employees accurately and quickly. It is mainly created or designed for small business. It will automatically handle your maximum accounting task; as a result, you will more concentrate on your growing business. Sage Instant Payroll can print all their pay slip automatically works out deductions and payments including tax, pension, National Insurance and sick pay. The customer can download Sage Instant Payroll 14.01 and you can also download the latest version of the program can be downloaded for PCs running 32.bit and window 7. It is considered the intellectual property of Sage.

It is primarily designed for business with up to 10 users. It is certified to HM customer and revenue payroll standard. Each and every step guides and makes it easy to submit Year End returns over the internet. Any point of time the user can contact to the Sage technical support for any help. If you have no prior payroll experience, it is capable to make your task easier and user friendly. It will also enable your users to grow their payroll fast with retention of records.

(SSP) Statutory Sick Pay

As per law, owner pays statutory sick pay to all their employees who are off work due to qualify and sickness for sick pay. Instant Payroll the most up to date regulation and simplifies processing sick pay by automatically calculating SSP for them.

Owner can record all sick days of each employee’s diary, keep track of employee’s sickness and automatically calculate payments. If the employees are on sick leaves for four or more days, the amount due depends on their normal working days. Average weekly earnings must be above or at the lower earnings limit for national insurance.

If it is less than £113.00 per week, they will be not able to qualify for SSP. For qualify the SSP they must give they form SSP1. In present day rate of SSP is £89.35 per week. They can further information about eligibility and entitlement from GOV.UK.

Information they need:

  • Here you can check the complete information about the day of absent of employee.
  • Check the main date they are paying SSP up to. For the current pay period.
  • To ensure that they see the correct entitlement when they enter the details, they must set their process date to their pay date.

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