Sage Import Error

In sage, there is a feature of importing that may cause an error sometimes. Many errors can happen and here we going to mention some known errors. If you face any error then don’t worry at all we are here to solve your glitches. So here we are going to tell you the solution that you need to follow step by step to get it to resolve easily.

Repair Sage Import Error

There are troubleshooting steps that you have to follow:-

  1. Firstly, create 1-2 inventory items according to you
  2. Now export these items that you have created in inventory
  3. Then open the file and then you need to copy the format of that 2 things you create
  4. After that, save the new import file with a new different name
  5. Now import the file back in the software.

If these steps won’t work then you need to open both import and export files in the text format and do compare it.

Problems/Challenges that happens

  • Sometimes the Excel may be confused with starting 2 lines of the Sage header file so don’t make it right just export it in the correct format. Sage is very confused if the data is missing.

When you work with text file must use the notepad or notepad++ so that it will be easy for you.

  • Excel may also confuse because of the Commas and Quotes in the description so the items end up in the wrong way and format. So after that, if you save it in the CSV then the output is not right.
  • So instead of Commas and Quotes use a hyphen (-) so that excel may not be confused with it.

Errors that may occur while Importing in Sage

  • Disk access error or File access error
  • Error while writing data
  • Reference of non-existent Sales/Purchase Ledger account
  • Disk error or File error
  • Bank account type is not valid for the transaction type
  • Illegal Nominal Ledger Account Reference
  • Cannot read the file, as it is open in another application
  • Contributes to an unbalanced journal for date
  • Field too long for the input buffer
  • Illegal Sales/Purchase Ledger Account Reference
  • Incomplete record
  • Date: Bad Value for Date
  • Reference to non-existent Nominal Ledger account
  • Exchange Rate Illegal transaction type for foreign currency import
  • Illegal Transaction Type
  • Invalid Data for Actual field
  • Insufficient disk space to import this file completely
  • Line too long for the input buffer
  • Missing comma
  • Invalid data for Stock Sales/Cost Price field
  • Out of range value
  • Quotes out of sequence

Still, need to know more or have any issues or queries contact Sage customer support toll-free number 1800-961-6588. You can also contact the team via email or live chat with experts.