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Sage HRMS, previously known as Sage Abra is a powerful human resource management software built by Sage. Human resource management is a detailed task which takes a lot of efforts to keep everything under the belt and free from errors. With Sage HRMS, this effort minimizes to automatic handling. It has several benefits which makes human resource handling easy and also efficiently productive for the organizations.

Sage HRMS Benefits

  • Handles compliance for human resource.
  • Helps in reporting analysis
  • Records all the employee records from identity to insurance
  • Files conversions, import and export to various database
  • Training modules for personnel development and overall organizational benefits
  • Customization of reporting essentials
  • Time management training modules for better efficiency

Sage HRMS Features

  • Detailed Employee Information

Sage HRMS has a track of every information about the employee. Big or small, identity or insurance track, everything is registered with accuracy in the HR management system. Moreover, there is a simplified way of extracting every information from the software.

  • Tracking System

Sage HRMS is a tracking expert. All the working employee data is tracked with exact figures, further to this, employee benefits and additional prerequisites are also tracked down by the system. It also keeps a record of the leaves taken by every employee and keeps a dig at the leave system of the company.

  • Government Policies

HR management system in Sage is build up with the latest regulations by the government. EEO, FMLA, OSHA and other government regulatory bodies which effect the HR is taken into consideration so that an rule cannot be violated.

  • Data Security Enabled

The HRMS software has been designed keeping the security of data in mind. It has high level security imposed which enables the users to maintain their data safe and out of concerns. Every file is managed with care and zeal.

  • Software Integrated System

Sage HRMS is integrated with Microsoft Outlook and MS Office to import and export data in and out of the system. There are reports which are prepared by the system and are further analysed through other programs like MS Excel, MS Access and MS Outlook.

Sage HRMS Technical Support – Call +1-800-961-6588

Sage HRMS is a huge and vital software. It can perform several tasks which out performs every other HRMS software. It is highly accurate and reliable and further helps to efficiently produce results for the organization. However, it is sometimes difficult to understand the HRMS system and therefore guidance is a must to produce effective results. We provide customer support for Sage HRMS in the form of the following details:

  • You can connect to Sage 50 Support via phone at +1-800-961-6588 and speak to our experts.
  • Our experts are knowledgeable and experienced in the domain.
  • We also have the option of live chat with our experts. To accumulate any information you can chat here and get quick response for your query.
  • We are available 24/7 to assist you.


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