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Sage Forecasting which was previously known as financial Forecasting is one of the finest predictive software in the organization. Sage Forecasting allows you to export and work upon reports in MS Excel.

Features of Sage Forecasting

  • Forecasting helps to predict the financial decisions of the company which would effect in which way.
  • It enhances the cash flow by analysis and monitoring
  • Forecasting is all about preparing reports which helps in creating different scenarios for the betterment of the organization.
  • There are reliable and exact figures which are prepared via past analysis reports.
  • With certain predictions in the kitty it helps to confidently move ahead with the business proposals and promotions
  • All the data is collected from the Sage software and sent through sage forecasting to prepare reports.

System Specifications

  • 2 GHz processor
  • 1 GB RAM or higher
  • Disk Space of 600 MB or more
    (Note: this space should be available after installation of the microsoft windows)
  • Windows 2000 or higher
  • Windows networking with over 1 Gbps network cards
  • MS Excel 2000 or higher

Forecasting Installation Process

  • Download the installation file of Sage Forecasting
  • By double clicking the downloaded file start the process of installing the software.
  • Click yes for the License Agreement of the Software
  • The next visual would ask you for the location of the file in the system to be stored. In case you want to change the destination select browse and change the course of location.
  • Tap next and in the next visual start installing the Sage Forecasting Software.
  • Tap next

Note : A window during the installation process may appear. Do not attempt to do anything with the screen.

  • The window will disappear itself during the installation process)
  • Tap Finish and start using the Sage Forecasting Software

Sage Forecasting Support – Call +1-800-961-6588

Sage 50 Forecasting is like pre assumption of various dialects in an organization. It comprehends the entire Sage software to build up reports which in turn helps the business to prepare reports from reliable and accurate data. However, Sage Forecasting can be very difficult to understand and prepare. If you have any concerns regarding the software you can contact our Sage Support team at +1-800-961-6588 and get insights about the software. We have experts of sage who would guide you through the Sage Forecasting software and also fix any of your concerns. We are available 24/7 at your door to conquer any of your concerns.

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