Sage Fixed Assets Announcing the Release of 2018.0

sage fixed assets 2018.0

The latest version Sage Fixed Assets 2018.0 has been released with new updates and enhanced features over older version which is bound to ease complex processes of keeping track of the life of the Fixed Asset. This new application will bridge the gap between methods of depreciation valuation which highlights degeneration of the Assets available with an organization. Fixed assets are like Capital Amount available in the form of Fixed Assets. Read this article to know new features and updates and if you still have doubts you can contact our sage desktop support team anytime.

What’s New in Sage Fixed Assets 2018.0?

Add features and enhancements available in Sage Fixed Assets 2018.0 are as following

• Prior dates and depreciation value is included in the list of Asset details.
• Sage Fixed Assets Scanner mobile application is available which allows the users to download an inventory file from sage Fixed Assets 2018.0 tracking to an Android mobile device.
• Image Manager window updates with new features drag and drop area, sort images in file lists in ascending or descending order, link multiple assets to one or more images.

Features of Sage Fixed Assets 2018.0

1. AMT book adjustment

• As new features organization don’t need to wait until the new tax release to update AMT book to obtain bonus in case it is applicable.
• Bulk changes made to Section 168 switch will allow bulk changes in methods of valuation of Assets in AMT book.
• Depreciation and Amortization provide that property electing out of bonus depreciation is not subject to AMT depreciation adjustment for those assets which were put to benefit after 2015.

2. Sage Fixed Assets Scanner mobile application

• The age Fixed Assets 2018.0 Scanner mobile application allows the user to download inventory file from Sage Fixed Assets and keep track of same through Android enable mobile device.
• The user can use a camera device to scan the barcodes to add them to inventory, make changes to Assets and send updated inventory file to Sage Fixed Assets Tracking Application on a computer system.
• This tool can be directly downloaded from and installed through play store of Android mobile device for easy portable scanning.

3. Image Manager window updates

Significant features have been added to image Manager tool which has been integrated with age Fixed Assets 2018.0 like

• The user can make use of drag and drop (Browse option) to upload multiple images simultaneously.
• The user can link multiple assets to one or more image simultaneously.
• By clicking on Linked Asset column one can have a quick view of reports linked with images.
• Images in the File list can be sorted in Ascending or descending order through name, type or linked images with Assets.
• One can click on images to directly rename the file list quickly.

4. Enhancements

Some of the new enhancement features are Book Information Section Update which includes “Prior through Date” and “Depreciation This Run” features included in Asset Detail Window. Here one can customize the Asset ListView to include columns for (Depreciation This Run, Prior Through Date and 168 Allowance Amount ).

The Scope of Services:

In case of users needs assistance in understanding more comprehensive features of Sage Fixed Asset 2018.o, one can take advantage of these by getting in touch with our experts on Sage Support number ✆+1-800-961-6588. Sage Technical Support Helpline Users can obtain any information related to Sage Accounting products and services from our Sage 50 Technical Support Helpline team which is available round the clock.

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