What is Sage Error with SDO Setup?

Sage Error SDO Setup

Sage Data Objects, or in short, SDO, is a tool, which connects Sage data with third-party software.  Whenever a user installs Sage 50 accounting software, SDO gets installed automatically. A serial number and an activation key are required to activate this tool. You might sometimes face issues in Sage error SDO setup which may cause unnecessary delays in your business operations.

Analysing the Sage Error SDO Setup

If you come across an error which says “Failed to initialize the recurring entry components” or “Sage Error SDO Setup”, it means that sdoeng*.dll file is not registered properly. Whenever you check the recurring details in the bank module, this on-screen error shows up. For this, you need Sage50 accounting support.

Issues with Sage Error SDO Setup

  • If the SDO registration isn’t successful
  • If you try to access the file while a third party software is being installed or activated.
  • Connection failure because of the invalid data path.
  • If you have not updated your system files.

Resolve the error with SDO setup.

The first step is to register the file manually to get sage errors support.  Follow the steps mentioned below.

Windows key and R on the keyboard need to be pressed.

  • Now enter “regsvr32 sg50sdoengine190.dll” and then select
  • Make sure that you modify “regsvr32 sg50sdoengine190.dll” depending on the version of Sage that you have installed.
  • Windows XP users can fix the issue through the Repair tool. If you have the Sage 50 accounting software CD, insert it and follow the instructions.

What is the SDO setup error anyway?

Sage SDO is required in the context of setting up third-party software tools and plug-ins. Sage 50 by itself does not have all the features that a business might need. There are several third-plugins, different software programs, etc. which can be integrated with Sage 50 with the help of their APIs.

Of course, you will need the assistance of an integration specialist to do so. If you have already integrated software programs or plugins with your Sage 50, the SDO setup error may show up. This is when you need to make sure that the steps above are implemented so that all plugins and software programs integrated with Sage Error SDO Setup run smoothly.

If you have just purchased Sage 50, you can integrate it with various third party plugins and software, so that you can automate certain processes. Integration also helps you to avoid duplication of data, manual entry of data, and other issues that surface when we use multiple tools at work.

For example, a number of businesses integrate their Sage 50 with QuickBooks, if they had already been using QuickBooks before migrating to Sage 50. Other possibilities include integrating Sage 50 with ERP, CRM, etc.

Who needs Sage 50?

It does not matter whether you have a small or a large business. Sage 50 is one of the best accounting software in the current market. Without any worry, you can store all your confidential financial data with the help of Sage50 software. Once installed, you can experience a wide range of features and benefits which only Sage50 accounting support can provide.

Still facing Errors?

Here, we have explained some tips and steps to resolve Sage Error SDO Setup. If you have any issues while following the steps, please call our  Sage 50 technical support number at any point.

Not everyone is good with their technical knowledge. Hence, we have highly experienced Remoteaccounting247 technical experts to provide sage errors support.  They are well-trained and are available round the clock to solve any issues that you may have. First call resolution is what we aim for. Feel free to call us on our Sage 50 helpline toll-free number ✆+1-800-961-6588 for expert advice now.

  • When you call us up, you can rest assured that you are greeted by a friendly voice
  • Your issues will be resolved as soon as possible, and you will not have to worry about software errors again
  • All your queries will be answered patiently and professionally.
  • If you have questions related to products that are similar to Sage 50, our technical helpdesk can answer those queries too.
  • Most importantly, we believe in happy customers, and we make sure that you hang up with a smile when you call us up.
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