Sage Error “Data Service is Unavailable on This Machine”

Sage said that the data service is unavailable on this machine to you also? Then you get the solution here for this issue. Today we are going to tell you how it can be resolved and for that what you need to do. This error occurs when you open the sage and then a message pops up Data service unavailable on this machine/unable to connect to Sage data service on the machine.

Causes for this problem are like data service might stop working on a system that has your data, there may be an issue in the data service, connectivity problems, version not supported or lower, and many more. So you must take care of that also. Here you get the solution for this problem to get it to resolve on your own.

The process for the Sage Error of Data Service Unavailable on this Machine

  • Reboot your system in which you work With Sage
  • After reboot, if the problem still appears then implement the next step
  • Start your system in which you are working with Sage account
  • Then in this system press Windows+R key from your keyboard
  • Now write services.msc in the search box of Run window then press enter or click OK button
  • Then it displays you the services list that you need to check for your services
  • The list is as follows:-
Sage Accounts v21
  1. Sage 50 Accounts Service v21
  2. Sage 50 Accounts Control v21
Sage Accounts v22
  1. Sage 50 Accounts Service v22
  2. Sage 50 Accounts Control v22
Sage Accounts v23
  1. Sage 50 Accounts Service v23
  2. Sage 50 Accounts Control v23
Sage Accounts v24
  1. Sage 50 Accounts Service v24
  2. Sage 50 Accounts Control v24
Sage Accounts v25
  1. Sage 50 Accounts Service v25
  2. Sage 50 Accounts Control v25
  • Now the services are disabled in the Startup Type column then you need to right-click on services and go to the properties
  • In the startup type, drop-down field click the Automatic and then click on the OK button
  • Go to the services one by one and perform the right-click and click on the Stop option
  • After that, right-click on the service again and select the Start.

This is all, after doing it the glitches related to data services is resolved and you can continue using your Sage account.

Get in Touch!

If you are still, have any glitches or have any queries then no worries reach out to Sage support helpline number 1800-961-6588. The team is always here to help you out by providing you the best assistance by solving your issues in no time. You can also contact the team via email or a live chat.