Sage Error Code 3110

Basically Sage 50 Error Code 3110 is a file system error and usually arises after or during Sage software update from older version to the latest version available. This article aims to help users to fix this error by providing the causes and troubleshooting steps to counter the problem.

Symptoms of Sage 50 Error Code 3110:

  • Error Code 3110 message is shown on screen and Windows program is discontinued
  • The system start crashing while running the program
  • Windows starts responding slowly/sluggishly to the keyboard/ mouse inputs
  • Frequent system hang


  • The network that connects the workstation to the server slows down while running the Sage 50 software.
  • Network time-out when the client or workstation is trying to connect with the server/host.

Troubleshooting Sage 50 Error Code 3110

Section I: Re-start Pervasive

  • Firstly, restart Sage 50 software and try to perform the action again. In case the error still persists, then you need to reprocess the Pervasive service.
  • If in multi-user environment, re-starting of pervasive should be done on server workstation and all the users should have the Sage application closed.

Section II: Fixing the Issue

  • If the error continues, try restarting your workstation.
  • Even after restarting workstation, if the error keeps on arising you can try restarting your server.
  • If any file was accessed at the time of connection loss, it is possible for that file to get damaged. If the error message refers a particular corrupt file, you need to fix this damaged file. You can perform the next steps to do so.

Section III: Repairing file damages

  • If the error message mentions file damage in the data path, have the damage file rename and then start the Repair on Sage process on the server.
  • If the error message mentions file damage in the company data file directory, then go through the data file dictionary and then delete the damaged file.
  • If you are unable to delete or remove the damaged file, you should restore a strong backup of data.

Section V: Disable the IPv6

Another way to fix the Sage 50 Error Code 3110 is to disable the old/current Internet Protocol version and update it with a newer release version.

Preventing Sage 50 Error Code 3110

This error can also arise because of issue in the Windows Power Plan settings. Experts strongly recommend using of High-Performance Power Plan in order to avoid the error to occur in the future. To get information about modifying or changing the Windows Power Plan, go to Additional information section.

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