Sage Error Code 1605

Are you facing trouble in opening Sage with the error code 1605? We all get frustrated when we try to access something and it doesn’t open properly. We are here with our Sage Technical Support Team to give you the solution and get you out of this difficulty. Here is the procedure that you must follow to get it resolved as soon as possible.

Note: This is only valid for currently installed products only.

Before starting with the solution, you need to take back up your data so that if data is lost during the process, you have the backup of it. Also, you need to back up your Windows registry to save your setting and later on you can restore it.

For taking back-up the Windows registry:

  1. Click on the Start button and search RUN in it or you can also press Windows+R buttons from keyboard to open the RUN
  2. Now type the “Regedit” then click on OK button
  3. A window is opened named Registry Editor
  4. In this, click on the My Computer, or Computer
  5. After that, select the File and then Export it
  6. In Export range, select “All” after that chooses a location for saving the backup of the registry.

The solution for error 1605 is as follows:-

  • For Sage 50 2019
  1. Firstly, select the Edit option and then click on Find
  2. Now type this {FAAEBF68-EC88-4147-B08F-A25DE8F3A005}
  3. After that, select Find Next button
  4. Now you can see all keys named {FAAEBF68-EC88-4147-B08F-A25DE8F3A005} in the registry is deleted
  5. If you find the key in another key folder named 86FBEAAF88CE74140BF82AD58E3F0A50, that is located in the left pane, delete the whole folder
  6. To search for the next key that contains the value, Press the F3 key on the keyboard to continue searching.
  • For Sage 50 2018
  1. Click on the Edit and then find the key with the find option
  2. Type this {CDB21C1F-4317-4A76-8711-50F9FCF30542}.
  3. Select Find Next option to find the next key. All other keys named {CDB21C1F-4317-4A76-8711-50F9FCF30542} in the registry should be deleted.
  4. If the key is found in another key folder named F1C12BDC713467A47811059FCF3F5024, in the left pane, delete the whole folder now.
  5. Press the key (F3) on your keyboard to continue the searching for the next key that contains the value.


Above the procedure is done for solving the Sage Error 1605 that is only valid for the installed programs only. This procedure will definitely help you out in solving the error. You need to opt the procedure according to your sage version and do it one by one to get the solution. If you have any queries related to it or any other issues you can contact us via email, live chat or Toll-free number 1800-961-6588 for the best assistance.