Sage Error Code 100

Sage Error Code 100

The Sage Error Code 100 is typically a file system issue in file [filename]. If you are experiencing with the same error you can find methods to fix the error. The following lines highlight the causes and troubleshooting steps to resolve Sage Error Code 100.


  • When file attribute has been set to Read Only
  • Pervasive running as an application and not as a service
  • Pervasive file is corrupted or Pervasive cache isn’t large enough
  • Damage file
  • Program has been installed on an external 32 bit program path
  • Specific company directory has damage file present.
  • User Account Control enabled


You can perform the following steps to fix your error. Contact the professionals at RemoteAccounting247 if any assistance is required.

Solution I: When File attribute has been set to Read Only

  • When the error occurs, go through the error message and log in to the location that is mentioned in the message
  • Next, right-click the file then click on Properties
  • You need to clear the Read-only box located in Attributes section. Click on OK
  • Once this is done, try to open into the program once more. If the error continues, follow the next step

Solution II: When UAC is enabled

  • Right-click on the Sage icon
  • Next, select the option to run as an administrator

Solution III: Stop the Pervasive service and start again

  • Go to server and log in as an administrator.
  • Next click on the Start Search option and type in services.msc then click OK.
  • Locate the Pervasive or Actian PSQL Relational Engine.
  • When found, right click on it and choose Stop option
  • Repeat the steps for Pervasive or Actian PSQL Transactional Engine and the Sage Service/Host services
  • Next, right-click on each of the services and then click on Start option.

Solution IV: When program is installed on wrong directory

Note: If your system contains a program files -x86- directory, then the Sage program should be installed in the C drive Program Files -x86. If the program is located on different location it can cause issue such as Sage Error Code 100. You should uninstall the program and reinstall it in the correct path.

  • Uninstall your Sage program
  • Next. reinstall the Sage program to the default program path stated in the note above
  • Verify that you are able to open the company normally.

Solution V: Reboot computer

  • Reboot your system and try to open the program
  • Verify the error doesn’t occur again

Other Solution

If the above resolution steps fail to fix your error, you can also attempt to:

  • Remove Pervasive and reinstall it
  • Rebuild the data path
  • Perform expendable file cleanup

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