Can I Expect Sage Artificial Intelligence in Near Future?

Sage Artificial Intelligence

In today’s world, developments of artificial intelligence in every sector and the use of it growing at a faster rate and wide-range of discussion are going across the world of how to use artificial intelligent efficiently, trustworthily and ethically.  As the business world in enlarging with every passing minute, Sage Artificial intelligence is taking an essential place in business to lead the process to create a reliable, trustworthy and manual global conversation to benefit not only the business world but also the government at large.

Artificial intelligence is a wonderful opportunity to make us bring our work in global eye with our own ethics and value as a species and as countries identities Since, Sage is becoming global accounting software used by most of the small and mid business, in days to come it is totally expected to generate an Artificial Intelligence in future.

Sage Artificial Intelligence Vision

  • According to the study conducted by Sage in collaboration with a group of global business executives, the primary motive of the industry leaders, C-suite executives, and business to preserve ethical principles that will lead to the development of the Sage Artificial intelligence.
  • The discussion took place at the time when the entire global artificial marketing is reaching its pitch. The International Data Corporation (IDC) reports companies are assertively investing a large part in Sage Artificial intelligence since the global spending on the system will expand to 54% from 2017whicha had reached to 19.1 billion this year.
  • Another cinematographic representation of Sage Artificial intelligence can be seen in movies like I, Robot, Terminator etc. powered by “psychopath” named as Norman, which was made as an experimentation to educate people and show them the good and the bad side of the artificial intelligence.
  • Another experiment of ProPublica investigation 2016 says that Artificial intelligence helps in the prediction of the likelihood of criminals to re-offend with prejudices against Africans Americans.
  • Users will embrace the accountability of the companies of how artificial intelligence can be very efficiently utilized and operated like sage states and the accountability that lies within the C-suite executives, the motive here is to stay at the forefront and generate ethical practices and tests that go ahead of just the formation of technology but also continually assess risks factor and biases in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Another report says that there is a requirement for governments and businesses to work hand and hand to help discover a future where experiments with technology are positive and help people and enhance work environment in a most reliable way.
  • The next challenge here will be to move the global conversation away from Sage Artificial intelligence as a threat, or replacement of humans to robots, and towards motivating businesses to approach Artificial intelligent as a go together to human inventiveness.


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