Sage 50 Your License Allows Access to up to 3 Users

Sage 50 Error “Your license allows up to 3 users to access the database at a time. It is currently being accessed by 3 users.” The error usually takes place when the user tries to add the member out of its permissible limit.

Here are the causes due to which Sage shows message “Sage 50 Error license allows up to 3 users.”

  • When the user has the single-user license but tries to add multiple users
  • When the user has other software that can work on pervasive.
  • Pervasive has already been loaded on the server.
  • Missing pervasive service due to incomplete or corrupt installation.
  • The server isn’t communicating.
  • Multiple Options.dat and SERIAL.DAT files.

Method #I: When the user has a third-party application or single-user license to work on pervasive.

  • If the program doesn’t get installed in the PC due to the single-user version.
  • The local drive has the Sage data where it has actually been used and approved.
  • Upgrade your software to the multi-user license to make it usable over the network.

To purchase a multi-user license, you can directly connect with us via our Official Toll-Free Number 1800-961-6588 or share if there is any query.

Method #II: Non-quantum release in Sage 50 SmartPosting Service: Even if the user is using single-user license)

  • The pervasive license will be consumed by the dedicated server if the server has SmartPosting service. An additional license should be added in the pervasive just to make the SmartPosting run without being interfered by the current license (s).

Method #III: To purchase additional user license:

  1. Click on Help, click on Sage 50 Accounting and then verify the purchased user license and the user serial number corresponds to each other.
  2. If the new serial number doesn’t match, get in touch with our for instant support 1800-961-6588.

Method #IV: Pervasive running pre-load/application on the server:

  1. Go to your server settings, click on the Pervasive icon which is available in the system tray.
  2. Right-click on the icon and click on the Stop Engine and then click on Exit.
  3. Now, click on Yes in the confirmation screen.
  4. If the pervasive doesn’t start, get in touch with us via our Live Chat Support and ask us about how to start or stop pervasive.
  5. Now check if the error exists or not.

To get into complete details:

Call us on our Toll-Free Number 1800-961-6588 or contact us via our Official Email Address We are also available through our Live Chat Support where you can chat with our Technical Team at any point of time.