Sage 50 US Edition Does Not Open After Installing Windows 10

Sage 50 US Edition Does Not Open After Installing Windows 10

Sage 50 (US edition) is now best-in-class accounting solution for small and mid-sized businesses. Sage 50 enables users to manage their business finance easier with simplified bookkeeping to perform daily accounting tasks – Invoicing, Accounts Receivables, Accounting Payable, Sales & Purchase entries, Payments & Receipts.

With all of these great features, Sage 50 still pops up with some issues which may not be very pleasant to encounter. The most common issue encountered by Sage 50 users is when Sage 50 fails to open after update and installation of Windows 10, ultimately affecting your business. If you are experiencing the same issues, don’t worry.

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Most commonly the “Sage 50 US Edition does not open after installing Windows 10” issue arises when there is some defect or damage in the Update files for Windows 10.


The following advanced troubleshooting steps require advanced knowledge of the computer operating system. Hence, we advise you to contact professionals for assistance. Modifying the Windows Registry inaccurately can affect the system operations. RemoteAccounting247 professionals are standing by to offer any assistance.

Important Note: Ensure to backup of data before performing the below advanced solutions.

Option 1: End Compatibility Mode and running Peachw.exe processes

  • Right-click on Sage 50 icon, then click on Properties.
  • Select Compatibility tab.
  • Remove the check marked on the box appearing next to “Run this program…”
  • If this option is not available, check mark on “Change settings for …”
  • Click on Apply > OK.
  • Press on the Ctrl + Alt + Delete key and select Start Task Manager.
  • Browse to Details option on the top. If this option is not available, click on More Details located at the bottom of Processes tab.
  • Browse to peachw.exe and click on Process > End Task. If the peachw.exe is not available skip to next step.
  • Attempt to open the program and verify the problem is solved.


Option 2: Change Run as Administrator

  • Right-click on Sage 50 icon on Desktop
  • Click on Properties then Compatibility tab
  • Remove the check marked on the box i.e. next to “Run this program…” If the option is not available click on “Change settings for…” and uncheck it from the secondary window.
  • Click on Apply > OK


Option 3: Incorrect configured DNS

  • Prior to making any change, consult an IT expert or network administrator and let them verify the DNS is been configured correctly.
  • If you use a static DNS/IP address, on the server change the Internet Protocol v4 (IPv4/ TCP) properties to automatically obtain an IP address and DNS server address.

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