Sage 50 Payroll- Install Your Update: Payroll Year End 2018

Sage 50 Payroll

Sage 50 Payroll is straightforward payroll, simple and amazing software, which is especially designed for small and medium sized business. It is capable of managing payroll process for 15 to 25 employees. With this software the user will always be up to date with automatic enrollment and legislation including Real Time Information (RTI).

With all the features and tools to manage complete control, secure data storage, including automatic assessment and direct link HMRC. Save their important user information in one place and keep it secure by applying access rights for users. Sage 50 Payroll assists to grow swift, efficient payroll, and accurate. Deductions and Payments including PAYE and maternity pay and statutory sick pay. The user may contact on Sage 50 technical support for any assistance.

Sage 50 Payroll Update their installation – payroll year end 2018

When to install their update

As soon as they receive the automatic update prompt, they should install the update. If they haven’t received the update prompts yet and don’t want to wait, they can manually install and download it.

Before they install

Levy Apprenticeship

If have split the apprenticeship levy across multiple companies and they are not part of group of connected companies. When they install the year end update the settings, it has changed back to the default. It is recommend then to note down the annual threshold values and annual allowance in all business before they update and install, the user need to re-enter the setting.

Data optimize

They should optimize their data, backup all their data files and make a note. Here the current software is installed.

• The need to open the Sage Payroll
• After open the company window, select the company they want to optimize.
• Select Optimize
• Select ok then try to log into company
• Select Help and select About.
• The user needs to create a note of the program directory.
• Check their version number.
• If the version starts with 24, they have already installed their software update. They should now prepare for year end.

Manually install and download the update

• First close the Sage 50 payroll and other software
• Enter their My Sage Login information and select Download.
• Select the Save and ensure they are logged into system as an administrator.
• Select accept license and select next.
• Double select the download and start the installation.
• Select Yes.
• Select No and click on Yes.
• Click on Open and select ok.
• Complete the installation and select Close.

Download and install the automatic update

• Select on Download and complete the downloading.
• Select on install and select Accept License and select next.
• Select on Yes and click on No.
• Click on Ok, when installation has completed, select close icon.

After using all these steps if the user wants to know some more details and information regarding this, or they need some issue, queries, and concern; they can directly call us on our Sage toll free number  +1-800-961-6588. We are all available on email and chat support number (


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