Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting

Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting

Sage 50 is a business management software especially designed for small and medium size organization. Previously it was known as Peachtree Accounting. As manufacturing appears to be a complex sector. For small manufacturers , management of inventory, fulfillment and customer expectation can be quite complicated. Thus, Sage 50 comes to rescue with its exception features , robust inventory management, and tracking tools.

Key Features Of Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting

Here are some features in Sage 50 which will help manufacturers in growth of their company.

  • Tracking BOM revisions
  • List of work tickets
  • Creating purchase orders according to stocking levels
  • Improved inventory management and other trending analysis
  • Systematic inventory tracking
  • Selling or ordering using your vendor part numbers
  • Break in Quantity price
  • Selling or buying of goods in different units
  • Improvement in drop shipping capabilities
  • Manufacturing of specific operational reports

Along with these exceptions features or tools, Sage 50 comes with Sage Business Care Silver. It is an auto-renewing program which automatically provides upgrades, customer support, online training, customized reports and a lot more.

Benefits of Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting:

You can now read about benefits of Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting software.

Time Saving with effective Accounting: You can now easily send invoices to your customers along with payment of bills and tracking of bills. It is a time saving solution.

Your Business is more organized and systematic: You can set alerts for emails so that whenever you receive any important email, you can receive an alert. Sage 50 can easily be integrated with Microsoft Excel and Word which makes your work quite simple and easier. It also helps in providing insights by providing customized reports.

Cash Flow: It will keep a track of your cash spent. It will analyze and give you an estimate of your expected payments along with providing you with receipts from your Cash Flow Manager. It will also check and track your cash so that you know how much cash is required and what are upcoming obligations you have.

Payroll: You can now easily work with Sage 50 Payroll Solutions as it can easily be integrated with your Sage 50 accounting solutions. With payroll, you can now print or directly deposit paychecks in your clients bank accounts.

Taking Control of your numbers: It gives you a complete control as you can now control user access. It is also very secure solution and provide your data a complete security. You can now check for common accounting errors and rectify them as soon as you can.

Easily tracking and management of Inventory: With Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting Solution, you can build a secure inventory assembly and keep a track record of your customer orders and bills. You can choose from Average, LIFO, and FIFO inventory costing methods.

If you need more information about the Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting solution, then you can always contact RemoteAccounting247. They are one the most recommended Sage Customer support provider. To get in touch with them, you just have to dial their toll-free number and they will get in touch with you within minimal wait of your time. They are available round the clock, so you can connect with them anytime according to your convenience. You can also visit their website and request for Sage online chat support.


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