Sage 50 Error Code 3014: 3014. Srt1e.tmp – Document Framework Error

Sage 50 Error Code 3014

The error usually takes place when the user starts Neo initially and the pervasive conflict takes place like configuration issue and setup error.

The Database error 3014 comes up through the dialogue box and the app stops responding to the command.

For a pervasive client with full access, there can be a reason where Local Microkernel Router with the pervasive settings is set to Off or On. It is difficult for Microkernel switch to discover either the remote working engine or neighboring working engine. As per the default settings, the microkernel switch needs to be ON. This is so because of its requirement by SQL Pervasive Installation.

The results to the unavailability of the pervasive router due to its presence in the local drive. It should be there in the network drive.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the common reasons for Sage Error Code 3014:

  1. Work Station and Server have lost the Network Connection
  2. Connection time-out while waiting for the Server Computer.
  3. Heavy network traffic
  4. System Infected due to Malware or Virus
  5. Hibernation Mode of Network Interface Card (NIC)
  6. VPN Network already used or bad network due to window registry
  7. Window registry is left with Invalid pages due to uninstallation.
  8. Registry section or framework document is erased by mistake.

These are the steps to resolve the Sage error code 3014:

  1. First of all, restart your Sage Accounting Software and then Pervasive
  2. Go to the Network Environment and then go to Multi-user environment. Don’t let any user log-in to the Sage. Now, start troubleshooting.

Identify the correct version of Sage 50 and download it:

  • Go to the Control Panel → Click on Program and Features
  • Here, you will see Sage 50 Icon and then click on Uninstall button. You need to follow the set of instruction you get on your monitor screen.
  • Restart the system again and Launch the installer to download and install the correct version of Sage 50

Here, you need to check the following settings:

  • Check the NetWare Server and reboot it.
  • Upgrade your Pervasive SQL 2000 from your SQL 7
  • Click on Yes for Multi-home settings.
  • If you are trying to open the server by name and it shoots/opens another server.
  • The requester or local to define local nodes of each User authorities, User IDs and then turn this to Yes
  • Wrong parameters are being used to store the filename. The filename is not as per the Universal Naming Convention.
  • For a functional UNC path and remapped drive, there is a failed identifier to drive to the path.
  • Change NetBios into TCP/IP Protocol. This may also help you resolve the issue.

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