Fix Sage 50 Error Code 000006 – Error 0008

Sage 50 Error Code 000006

Sage 50 is an accounting software which was previously known as Peachtree accounting software. It was developed by the Sage Group for small and medium industries. It has some exceptional features and many add-on tools which will boost your work-flow. There are certain circumstances when your clients are trying to make payments and unfortunately, they come across some error. These errors generally stop your payment and it is also known as Bank Error.

The Sage 50 Error Code 000006 -Error 0008 is one of the most common Bank errors. It is a type of Decline Error Code which means that the payment is declined or stopped by the card holder’s bank. There are various reasons which are responsible for the cause of Sage 50 Error Code 000006 -Error 0008, like:

  • The transaction was processed automatically as a recurring customer or while processing the transactions, its “recurring series” box should be checked.
  • The credit card used for the transaction may be a “Discover Card”.
  • The transaction which was processed on the account, which is set up for Retail rates.


There are two types of bank errors i.e. Gateway Rejections and Decline Error Codes. Decline Errors are caused when the transaction is declined by the card holder’s bank due to certain reasons which may vary. While gateway rejections mean that transaction or the verification request have not cleared certain setting or rules which a certain gateway has created. Some requests are rejected when you send the information to the processor while some requests are rejected after authorization of the transaction. It means the gateway will automatically void the transaction and your payment will be restricted.

Solution For Sage 50 Error Code 000006 – Error 0008:

The only available solution for this error is that you will have to carry out this transaction manually. By following the manual transaction process, you can easily rectify this Sage Error Code 1919.

If you come across Sage 50 Error Code 1919, then the only option to resolve the error is mentioned above. If you need extra information or need assistance while working on the Sage 50 accounting software, then you can contact RemoteAccounting247. They are alternative consultancy who provides 24*7 Sage Customer support to millions of users worldwide. They have an expert team of qualified Sage professionals who have many years of experience in resolving all kinds of Sage related issues. To get in touch with them, you just need to call toll-free customer support number +1-800-961-6588. You can also visit their website and request for Sage Online Chat Support.


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