How To Create A Backup Data Using Sage Accounting Software?

Sage 50 Backup Data

Creating and keeping a sage 50 backup data involves the process of storing files from Sage 50 Accounting software on the PC or server and keeping them in another safe location. This is critically important as we may not be sure when the next database failure, computer virus, system incompatibility may affect users system in case of Technology failure.

Sometimes unknowingly harmless applications like new module introduction or upgrading to higher version may cause an error and can corrupt database. Hence, backing sage 50 backup data on a regular basis is extremely important to recover your data easily in case Sage 50 data gets corrupted.

How to Create a Sage 50 Backup Data?

It is really necessary that the user should keep sage 50 backup data on a regular basis and create a backup of data every time one works on the data file. In case the user is performing the process of creating and keeping a backup of the data, the user needs to go through the following steps:

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  • First of all, the user needs to be logged into the Company, when they want to start the process of creating a backup of data. The user needs to be in single user mode while logging into a system as “sysadmin” in case of (sage 50 premium or quantum)
  • Now the user needs to click on “File” and then go to “Backup”. One can also click on “Backup” icon from the toolbar appearing on the top of the home screen which looks like (File Cabinet).
  • Now in the “Sage 50 Accounting-Backup” window appearing on screen, the user can feed or enter the file name. Here the user can use the current date as part of a name for tracing them easily.
  • Now user needs to select the folder where they want to save the backup. The user needs to take care while selecting the folder to save a copy of backup :
    • The user has to take care not to put the file location within “. SAJ”, as in this folder software creates its backups.
    • The last –used backup file paths or folder will be saved and become default location for next backup file.
    • The user should not overwrite existing backup files unless they are sure why they want to perform this action.
  • Now, in the end, the user has to click on “OK” and start with the backup process.

Check Data Results

While the backup of files or data is in the process, users can see the check data history for all companies for which backup is being created. The checks will help the user with the following information:

  • It will show the company name for which the check data was being run.
  • Also, show the date and time of the check was run
  • It will show the numbers of errors in the data if any while creating backup copy
  • Also, show the number of warnings in the data while doing backups.
  • It will show the number of comments in the data if any.


In case of any errors or warning appearing on the screens, users are advised to stop processing the relevant company data and fix the errors before proceeding with a backup of data.

Checks After Backup Files  Process

Once the user has completed the process of creating a sage 50 backup data, the backup files show the following information:

  • It will show the name of Company for which the backup has been created.
  • Also, show the data and times the backup was run.
  • It will show the name and location where the backup of the file has been kept for tracing.
  • It will show the size of the backup file as properties.

Sage  50 Technical Support Team

From the above steps, you will able to keep sage 50 backup data, sage 50 automatic backup, sage 50 backup location, sage 50 backup file extension and will able to solve the backup error in sage 50.

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