Sage 50 2019 Canada Download

Sage 50 2019 Canada Download

Sage has announced the latest Sage 50 version i.e. Sage 50 2019.0 version (Canada edition) with enhanced feature and two excellent added features that provide more insights and control over the business.

Sage Dashboard

The new release comes with a new Sage Dashboard. This dashboard allows users to get insights into all those important areas of the business. It helps keep track of important performance indicators in a single view from any device.

This dashboard provides more visibility into:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Revenue & Expenses

Sage Approvals

Sage Approvals allow business owners to take complete control of transactions, which flow from Sage mobile app to Sage 50. A specific user can be positioned as a reviewer. The reviewer can review transactions processed by others, add the transactions into the Sage 50 cloud, or return the transaction to the Sage mobile user if more information is required.

Improved Invoice Payments

The existing Invoice Payments has helped users get paid quicker by accepting payment via secure payment provider: PayPal, Stripe, or Paya. An invoice is sent to customers with an email with pay now button attached on the invoice.

With the new 2019.0 edition, customers using the Office 365 will now have the facility to process the payments directly from within Outlook program. This makes it easier for them to pay you.

Important: In accordance with Microsoft obsolescence policy, users will not be able to install the Sage 50 2019 edition on Windows Vista o Windows XP, which are no longer supported.

How to download Sage 50 2019 product update

Updating to the latest Sage 50 2019 edition can be achieved in two ways:

1. Automatically update Sage 50

Sage 50 automatically checks for any available product updates when you are connected to Internet. If available, the update is been downloaded in the background. You will be notified of an update that is available for installation. Click on YES to install it.

2. Manually updating Sage 50

By default, AUTOMATIC UPDATES are turned on in your system settings. However, if you decide to turn off this setting, you can manually download the latest updates once you are connected to Internet.

For your convenience, the updates are made available on Sage 50 official website. You can follow the given instructions to download the updates. Once the download process completes, browse to the download file and double-click on it. You have to make sure that all running Sage programs are closed before starting the installation.

You also need to install this update on every computer where Sage 50 is installed, including the computers on which “server-only” type installations have been performed.

Remoteaccounting Tech Support

If you are facing trouble while downloading, upgrading, or installing the latest Sage 50 2019 edition feel free to reach our RemoteAccounting experts for assistance. We have experts who are exceptionally proficient in assisting customers with Sage 50 update and upgrade process. In addition, they can also share some of the tricks and tips to run your Sage 50 2019 efficiently.

Our support service can be attained through phone number +1 (800) 961-6588, email address Or, you can choose to chat with professionals via Live Chat Support and get your issues resolved.

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