Converting Payroll Data in Sage 100 2018

You might have installed the latest version of Sage 100 payroll 2018 and wondering of methods of converting Payroll data since the new version has been designed with totally rewritten payroll components. It means Sage 100 support number latest version has been designed with fully well-suited original Sage structure.

When updating the Payroll component, you must change the payroll data to the existing level. If you have upgraded Payroll as part of an overall Sage 100 upgrade, the Payroll data conversion process will be automatically started while converting the rest of the data.

The data conversion line up decides whether you are required to start the Payroll Conversion Wizard. If the wizard is required, it itself opens during the conversion process.


  1. Minimum version needed to advance to Sage 100 payroll 2018 has to be 4.50.8.
  2. In case you apply Timecard you’ll are required to wait until Sage 100 2018.1 as the original release of 2018 will not comprise of a Timecard upgrade.

Resolution: Run the Sage 100 Payroll 2018 Conversion Wizard by following below steps:

Solution I:

  • Selecting tax cluster from the tax estimate engine to substitute your accessible tax codes. If you are used to local tax codes, each state and local tax code grouping will be substituted by one tax group which depends on tax codes you’re accessing, the wizard provides ideas giving feedback and update as per requirement
  • Accumulating tax groups to tax outline. You can use Tax Profile Maintenance starting from Wizard to generate tax profiles.
  • Choosing the status of filing starting from tax calculation engine to substitute it for your existing ones.
  • Mapping subdivision records. In case you access to payroll sub-division or any sub-divisions consists special characters, you have to change the department. Starting with Payroll 2.0, sub-division numbers can consist of only alphanumeric characters.
  • Execute these works once converting your Payroll data is done.

Solution II: Updating to the latest version from 2.17

In case, you have already updated from the version that is earlier than 2.17 then follow these steps;

  • Choose Payroll > then go to Setup > and click Earnings Code Maintenance > then for every earnings code, choose a tax rule.
  • Choose Payroll > then go to Setup > and Deduction Code Maintenance. For every cafeteria or pension arrangement subtraction code, choose a tax rule.
  • Choose Payroll > Click Setup > then Company Tax Group Setup. For every tax group that you access, type the following details:
  • Tax ID number
    • Account numbers of General ledger
    • Specific tax rates of any company
  • Choose Payroll > Click Main > then go to Employee Maintenance. Maintain a minimum of one tax profile for each and every employee.
  • Before starting payroll in newly installed Sage product, tax-related forms and reports must be print in both new and old mechanism, try to evaluate them to verify you’re getting the desired consequences.
  • Regenerate the lists of users, in case you were accessing the security characteristic in Department Maintenance.
  • Choose Payroll > Click Setup > then go to Department Maintenance. Choose any department to ask for the safety measures tab. If there are no user login IDs, all users will have right of entry to the department.

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