Resolve Sage TSYS Error Codes

Resolve Sage TSYS Error Codes

Sage 50 is one of the most used accounting software which was developed by Sage Group. It is integrated with several web-applications. It makes your work extremely easy and simple. Sage has always given security and the safety of their customer’s data priority. Sage 50 is desktop software with cloud access, which makes accessing files and folders easy from any place and at any time. It also means that your work will always be up-to-date. This also makes managing your invoices and making payments quite easy.

Though Sage 50 is amazing software due to its many enhanced features and various add-ons but there are occasions when you come across some errors while working on it. While working on your Sage 50 software, you can come across some bank errors. Some of the bank errors are often categorized decline code bank errors or gateway bank error codes.

Decline Code Bank Errors are those errors, which occur when bank of the card issuer restricts the transaction due to some reasons, while the Gateway error codes occur when the merchant gateway has declined your transaction. Here is list of one such Sage 50 TSYS errors (Decline Error Codes) along with their error message and response code:

List of Decline –Error TSYS Error Codes

Error StatusError CodeError Status Meaning
Approval00It was approved and completed
Address Match00 or 85Address matched only
Address Match00 or 85Street Address match for international transaction. Postal Code was not verified because of incompatible formats  (Acquirer sent both street address and Postal Code)
Exact Match00 or 85Exact match, 5-character numeric ZIP
Exact Match00 or 85Exact match, 9-character numeric ZIP
Exact Match00 or 85Street Address match for international transaction
Exact Match00 or 85Street Address match for international transaction
No Match00 or 85No address or ZIP match
Retry00 or 85Issuer system unavailable
Serv Unavailable00 or 85Service not supported
Serv UnavailableStreet Address and Postal Code not verified for international transactions because ofincompatible formats (Acquirer sent both street and Postal Code)
Ver Unavailable00 or 85Address information not verified for international transaction
Ver Unavailable00 or 85Address Unavailable
Ver Unavailable00 or 85Non-U.S. Issuer does not participate
Zip Match00 or 855-character numeric ZIP match only
Zip Match00 or 859-character numeric ZIP match only
Zip Match00 or 85Postal Codes match for international transaction, Street Address not verified because of incompatible formats (Acquirer sent both street address and Postal Code
Call02Refer to issuer-Special condition
Term ID Error03Invalid Merchant ID
Hold-call or Pick Up Card04Pick up card (no fraud)
Decline05Do not Honor
Error XXXX06General error
(Check Service Custom Text)06*Error response text from check service
Hold-call or Pick Up Card07Pick up card, special condition (fraud account)
Invalid Trans12Invalid transaction
Amount Error13Invalid amount
Card No. Error14Invalid card number
No Such Issuer15No such issuer
RE Enter19Re-enter transaction
No Action Taken21Unable to back out transaction
No Reply28File is temporarily unavailable
No Credit Acct39No credit account
Hold-call or Pick Up Card41Lost card, pick up (fraud account)
Hold-call or Pick Up Card43Stolen card, pick up (fraud account)
No Check Account52No checking account
Expired Card54Expired card
Wrong PIN55Incorrect PIN
Serv Not Allowed57Transaction not permitted-Card
Serv Not Allowed58Transaction not permitted-Terminal
Decline61Exceeds withdrawal limit
Decline62Invalid service code, restricted
Sec Violation63Security Violation
Decline65Activity limit exceeded
PIN Exceeded75PIN tries exceeded
Unsolic Reversal76Unable to location, no match
No Action Taken77Inconsistent data, rev., or repeat
No Account78No account
Already Reversed79Already reversed at switch
Date Error80Invalid date
Encryption Error81Cryptographic error
Cashback Not App82Cash back limit exceeded
Can’t Verify PIN83Cannot verify PIN
Card OK85No reason to decline
Can’t Verify PIN86Cannot verify PIN
No Reply91Issuer or switch is unavailable
Invalid Routing92Destination not found
Decline93Cannot complete, violation
Duplication Trans94No match, unable to locate
System Error96System malfunction
Failure CVCVCard Type Verification Error
Acct Length ErrEAVerification error
Check Digit ErrEBVerification error
CID Format ErrorECVerification error
Failure HVHVHierarchy Verification Error
Cashback Not AvlN3Cash back service not available
DeclineN4Exceeds issuer withdrawal limit
CVV2 MismatchN7CVV2 Value supplied is invalid
Stop RecurringR0Customer requested stop of specific recurring payment
Stop RecurringR0Customer requested stop of specific recurring paymen
Stop RecurringR1Customer requested stop of all recurring payments from specific merchant
Stop RecurringR1Customer requested stop of all recurring payments from specific merchant
ApprovalT0First check OK and has been converted
Cannot ConvertT1Check is OK but cannot be converted. This is a declined transaction
Invalid ABAT2Invalid ABA number, not an ACH participant
Amount ErrorT3Amount greater than limit
Unpaid itemsT4Unpaid items, failed negative file check
Duplicate NumberT5Duplicate check number
MICR ErrorT6MICR Error



The only solution you have to is to contact the bask asking them the reason for decline and ask them how to resolve it. When you come across this Sage 50 Decline Error codes, avoid making any transactions at least for 48 hours.

The Sage TSYS Errors are basically decline code bank errors. If you have any queries or you need more information about the software, then you can get in touch one of the best Sage customer service consultants i.e. RemoteAccounting247. You can call them on their 24*7 available customer support toll-free number +1-800-961-6588. You also have another option, if you want to get connected to them, i.e. visiting their website and requesting for online chat support.


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