How to Resolve Sage Error 1721

Sage Error 1721

Sage error 1721 associated with Windows Installer. The user encounters this error when he tries to install or uninstall a Sage program. The error code indicates it as a runtime error and it might occur when the Windows Installer gets corrupted or damaged or there is some problem that stops it from installing the software. When you face this error code you will be restricted to install the required application because of various possible reasons with the Windows Installer.

Major Cause of Runtime Error Code 1721

The Sage error code 1721 is faced by the user when there is an issue with the Windows Installer package. The error message is displayed:

Error 1721 – Problem with the Windows Installer package. An application is needed to complete the installation that fails to run. Immediately report the problem to package vendor or Sage support.

Sage Error 1721 is among one of the error codes that crops up while installing/uninstalling Sage 50 Accounting (Canadian Edition). It usually occurs when the user is installing or uninstalling software onto the operating system.

Possible Reasons

• Need to register and unregister Windows Installer
• Windows Installer may involve corrupt or damaged files
• The latest version of Windows Installer is needed or proper cleaning is required by the registry with a registry cleaner.

How to Resolve Sage Error Code 1721

To resolve the Sage error 1721 follow the steps below:

Step No. 1 – Unregister and Re-Register Installer

With this step removes all identities to the installer and then re-register them. To carry out the step you need to follow the below steps:

• Restart your computer after you get the BIOS message
• You get a list of options. Navigate to safe mode
• Choose Admin to log in
• Click Start -> Run -> Type “cmd” -> enter
• Input “msiexec u/unregister” -> enter when the prompt command opens
• Input “msiexec /register“ again in the prompt command
• If you want to quit input exit in the prompt command
• Click Start -> Control Panel
• Click on Add/Remove Programs
• Search the program you want to uninstall and try to uninstall

Following the above steps will help you to uninstall it. If you fail to resolve the error with this step you can move to the other step.

Step No. 2: Use the Window Installer Cleanup Feature

Step No. 3: Install the latest Windows Installer 4.5+ to prevent 1721 error to occur.

Step No. 4: Download the Registry Cleaner and use the cleaner program to fix errors caused by the registry.

In case the error still persists you can contact It is a reliable consulting company that hires highly capable Sage professionals who accord prompt and responsive support. Connect with the 24×7 active Sage support team by the toll free number +1-800-961-6588.

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