How to Resolve QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 181016?

QuickBooks Point of Sale is a feature-enabled software which is most widely used for retail solutions by the retailers. It is an all-in-one comprehensive solution for small and medium-sized business houses. It is a user-friendly software which has exceptional features and helps users in making payments to clients. Despite being a user-friendly software, there may be chances that one may encounter QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 181016 while using the program.

How to fix QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 181016?

Following are methods to fix point of sale error 181016:

1. Method by logging in as Windows Administration

  • Start the system and one need to log into Windows as an Administrator.
  • One needs to look for data problem :
    Go to( File ->Company Operations ->select create new company) and then click on option next. You need to give this new file name (Test).
  • If the error is not in the Test company file created above, then open the company files directly with the help of following steps:
  1. Select option (File -> Company Data ->Open )
  2. Select option (Alternate location ->Browse)
  3. Now the user has to Navigate through c drive (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale 10.0\Data\[your company name]\. )
  4. Now select the file qbpos.db and now click on an Open tab
  5. Now click on OK and then (enter a new and unique name for the new file) by selecting option (File ->Company Data->Rename)
  6. Now click on OK again

2. Method using QB POS Troubleshoot Connection Tool

  • One needs to go to QB POS Troubleshoot Connection Tool to check whether database manager is properly installed or not and point of sale is installed as the server.
  • Check whether TCP/IP protocol is enabled.
  • Check whether Fireballs are not blocking the database access.
  • Check whether there is damage to the company file and you will need to restore a backup in order to get your system running again.

If the problem stills persist, it is wise to approach our QuickBooks Technical support experts.

Causes of QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 181016

QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 181016 may occur due to following possible reasons.

  • There can be the issue with Point of sale company data folder.
  • If you have not logged into windows as an administrator.
  • Fireball may block the ports that point of sale database manager is trying to assess to make the program run
  • When TCP/IP in the system is disabled, damaged or not properly installed.

QuickBooks Technical Support Services

Even if after trying the solution as mentioned above, if the issues don’t get resolved, then one can take help of our QuickBooks technical team who will guide you in a step by step manner. Get in touch with our QuickBooks tech support team at +1-800-961-6588.