How to Remove Log File Error When Restoring QuickBooks Backup?

Are you not able to restore your backup and it starts showing the log file error? Then here we are going to discuss how you can restore your backup easily. There are some ways through which you can easily restore it without facing any error. You have to choose any solution that is suitable for you. The solutions are mentioned here given by our QuickBooks Support team and are verified. You just need to follow it and your problem will be resolved.

Methods for Remove Log File Error When Restoring QuickBooks Backup

Method 1- Make a copy of the backup file that later you want to restore it

As the title of solution says that do make a copy of the backup file in another folder so, when one folder is damaged then you have another copy of backup in a different folder. You can also save it in a different location as well.

Method 2- Repair the company data file

It may also happen because of a damaged company file. So, this solution says that check if the company file is damaged or not. If yes, then it is recommended you to try repairing your company file.

Method 3- While restoring the backup don’t overwrite the existing file

For this, you need to take care of these things

  • For saving the file, save it to the desired location
  • If the file name already exists then it will ask you to overwrite the previous file with the same name
  • Then select the No button option
  • Then change the name of the file then do save it

Method 4- The QuickBooks software version must be the same or the newer version for restoring the file

This means you need to take care of the version as you can restore the backup of a lower version to the higher one. But you can restore the backup of the higher version to lower one. Doing this will damage the file and it starts showing errors.

Method 5- The file name must not have the special characters in it

It means that if there is any special character in the company file name. Then you need to rename the file. To rename the file do these steps-

  • Open the location where the company file is saved
  • Now right-click on the file and select Rename option
  • After this, write a new name of the file without using any special characters and then click on the Enter button.

How to Contact Us?

Above, we have discussed some solutions for solving this error. So do follow the steps that you want to opt and if have any issue or query do call us at QuickBooks toll-free support number 1800-961-6588