How to Recover Peachtree Password?

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In the century of technology and internet, we have to generate new logins and passwords for everything we are surfing on the web. Today everyone has at least 20-30 login Id’s and passwords to fetch any website, software or system and hence forgetting a few of your passwords is likely.

Peachtree is yet again similar software where the use of passwords is a must. Peachtree allows you to recover your password instantly and straightforwardly. Before we start with the recovery process, let us see some situations where your password is denied by the software:

• When you enter an incorrect password.
• When you try and access the wrong data.
• The password is not encrypted suitably.
• There is change in version and the sync data.
• The Setup file is corrupt.
• When the Ms .NET version used is below 3.5

It is easy to recover Peachtree password. This can be done in a quick and effortless way:

• Open the home screen of Peachtree.
• Select file > Peachtree Drive > Peachtree Drive Management Center
• On the next visual select Forgot your Password.
• Continue with the registered email id with Peachtree.
• Type in the ‘I am not a robot’ caption and select Continue.
• An email with the password would pop up into your mailbox.
• Recover the password first and then create a new functional password for your Peachtree accounts.

Peachtree accounts password can also be recovered from the system administrators. They generally keep a record of all the passwords and important data.

Peachtree Support Number

Sometimes all the permutation and combinations fail. All the software which are used to recover the passwords are also in vain. Peachtree helpline number +1-800-961-6588 would assist you on every move. We have experts of Peachtree who can assist you according to your needs. Once done, you can continue with your perfect Peachtree accounting software.

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