QuickBooks W-2 Verification Code

QuickBooks W-2 Verification Code

QuickBooks software is adept in handling not only relatively all types of accounting tasks but is perfect for performing additional payroll and tax activities that generally requires a lot of processing time if done manually. Businesses subscribed with QuickBooks Payroll Services also get added benefit of e-filing of W-2 forms to IRS (Internal Revenue Service) once they have stored and filled the data as required in the form. It is imperative for businesses to fill W-2 forms and file with IRS if they pay their employees $600 or more per year. This filing process is also handled automatically by the software.

For the filing season of 2017, IRS has chosen QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted subscription for an IRS test under QuickBooks W-2 Verification Code. In the filing season of the year 2017 IRS came out with a test which is adept in certifying the authenticity of the data businesses have filed in their W-2 forms. IT is basically being setup to put a stop to tax related frauds and thefts all over the world. The main motto here is to keep a check on the data and details being filled in the W-2 forms by the individuals and for tax returns. To start the process, initially IRS has selected few specific PSPs, as in Payroll Service Providers, of which one is QuickBooks Payroll Assisted version. They have included a new code in few specific W-2 forms of 16 digits along with a unique verification code.

Verification Code provided with W-2 Forms

There are few basic characteristic of these verification code being added by the IRS:

  • The displayed code is set as 4 alphanumeric characters divided by hyphens – Example: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.
  • This Code will be tagged in the Section B or Section C of Payroll W-2 forms in a labeled separate box wherein,
  1. Copy B is generally filled and filed with the Federal Tax Return of the Employee.
  2. Copy C basically constitute of Employee Records / Details.

The form will further include following rules for both tax preparers and taxpayers –

“QuickBooks W-2 Verification Code. If this field is populated, enter this code when it is requested by your tax return preparation software. It is possible your software or preparer will not request the code. The code is not entered on paper-filed returns.”

Verification Code Box is Empty

Not all W-2 forms filed with QuickBooks will contain verification code. There will be some forms wherein this field will remain blank. This means that the specific tax payer does not require to give verification code the software or to the IRS.

As this process is just in test stage, inaccurate or missing verification code will have no effect whatsoever over the processing of tax returns. This step is basically being taken to check whether it is fruitful enough to be included in the future filing of W-2 forms.

Other Agencies and Verification Code

This verification code is limited and will not be needed in the W-2 forms filed by Payroll Service Providers to other agencies like Social Security Admin; state and local revenue sectors. Furthermore, this test is in its initial stage where its effect on tax returns (local / state) or paper federal returns is zilch.

For more information on W-2 Verification Code, user can connect with the QuickBooks Support team set by Intuit having in-depth knowledge regarding the software and payroll as well. If the user further wants more support and is unable to connect due to long queue, they can try to contact alternative support agency for prompt support and information. One such agency is called RemoteAccounting247 that can be contacted on QuickBooks Toll Free Number+1-800-961-6588 or for online chat support on www.RemoteAccounting247.com

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