QuickBooks Tax Verification Form

QuickBooks Tax Verification Form

QuickBooks software has made life easier for many businesses around the world. With assistance in payroll, invoices and all other accounting related problems, QuickBooks s software provides a great support system for the business. The software has every application embedded into one page, making it easier for the users to tackle multiple tasks at the same time.

There are several additional features in QuickBooks that can be utilized in a profitable way to make work easier and simpler. Call in the QuickBooks customer care assistance to know all about QuickBooks products and their features.

Another very attractive feature of QuickBooks is that the tax forms and other State forms can be embedded into the system, making calculations faster and with fewer complications. It is mandatory for each employee to have an individual W- 2 form. The users can now electronically file W-2 forms through the electronic services of the QuickBooks Payroll system. Several copies of W-2 need to be printed after filing, and this can be done automatically through the QuickBooks payroll services.

How do we file the W-2 form electronically to Social Security Advisor?

The QuickBooks payroll software allows you to file the W-2 forms through their system. To do that:

  • Click on TAXES<PAYROLL TAX from the navigation bar
  • Now, select W-2<COPIES A&D
  • A prompt will appear asking you to verify the codes. Check the codes and click ‘OK’. The tax codes come prefilled, once employee details are entered. However, checking it once is advised.
  • The prompts ask for employees who are involved in a retirement plan for the current year. The boxes against those employees need to be CHECKED.
  • For Employer copies, click on to open the Acrobat READER, AND REVIEW and PRINT the copy.
  • Click ‘SUBMIT’ to authorize the software to submit the Copy A of the W-2 form to the SSA
  • The copy D of the form can be printed for the company records.
  • Check the status form for updates to see if the current status reads – SUBMITTED

If the status still reads ‘IN PROGRESS’, the QuickBooks software might be looking for any updates on the data, from the agency. Once the checking is done, the form gets submitted, and the status will change to SUBMITTED.

Filing taxes through QuickBooks is an easy and extremely simple process. The automated process not only saves a lot of time, but the stored information can be utilized every year, making it a time-saving option. Call in the QuickBooks customer care team to learn about form submissions and other features the QuickBooks offer to their users.

In case of any technical difficulties, the users can always call in our QuickBooks Technical support team for fixing up the issue at +1-800-961-6588. The experts on the technical help team are available round the clock to resolve any issues pertaining to the software and its related products. Store the toll-free number provided to contact our QuickBooks Customer Care support for an uninterrupted working on the software.

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