Is QuickBooks Premier Compatible with QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Premier Compatible with QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier are two most common versions that are employed by users across the world. These versions are not only user-friendly but are also outfitted with latest and innovative features ensuring all the required accounting tasks of the business are completed efficiently and effectively. Most of the users prefer interchanging company files between these two versions, but at times do face issues, which leads to the question – Is QuickBooks Premier Compatible with QuickBooks Pro software? The answer to the same has been provided in below article.

Many users have this question of whether the company file of Pro and Premier can be interchanged without causing any damage to data stored. There are certain key points to keep in mind while dealing with the same:

  • QuickBooks Pro software is just one edition while QuickBooks Premier software comes with different edition, namely – QuickBooks Contractor edition, QuickBooks Accountants edition, QuickBooks Retail edition, QuickBooks Manufacturing & Wholesale edition, QuickBooks Non-Profit edition.
  • The company data files between both QuickBooks Pro and Premier can be interchanged without causing any data damage.
  • To avoid any problem ensure that the version and year of the software are same.
  • QuickBooks Premier is equipped with additional features and tools that are not available with QuickBooks Pro, thus coming down to QuickBooks Pro from QuickBooks Premier can lead to limitations in the functionality.

QuickBooks Premier is notch above QuickBooks Pro software with more tools like Sales Order, Industry related reports. So when the user goes to migrate the company file of QuickBooks Premier to QuickBooks Pro, they will not be able to access these features, as in they can no further be allowed to use report templates as per Manufacturing industry or retail industry.

Ensure that you are not performing this process between two computer system through external drive options like Flash drive, Hard disk or DropBox as that can lead to security issues as well as might end up causing data damage.

Just because the data is compatible between different versions of QuickBooks that may happen to be installed, it doesn’t mean it is a good idea to use it on different computers. The user would be much better off considering a hosted solution for their QuickBooks files in such case.

To conclude we can say that Yes, it is possible to toggle company file between QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Pro version as long as the conditions mentioned above are met completely. The user can also convert their company data file from QuickBooks Pro / Premier to QuickBooks Enterprise. However, Quickbooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Premier / Pro is not yet possible and other methods through which some have tried the same process are not very reliable.

If the user requires more support for the compatibility between QuickBooks Pro Company File and QuickBooks Premier Company File, they should contact the QuickBooks customer support team that Intuit houses as they are experienced as well as trained impeccably to support in many problems. The user can also try for alternative support agency in case they are unable to connect with the mentioned customer support team due to long queue or any other reason. One such agency is called RemoteAccounting247 that can be contacted through QuickBooks Support Number  +1-800-961-6588 or browse the website – for online chat support.


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